Miriam Love releases her new EDM Album remix-The Week-End remixes

MIRIAM LOVE “The Week-End” Remixes (Remix Album) is an album that is aimed to emphasize how wonderful life is when you are grateful and present in every moment.

An international contemporary recording artist named MIRIAM LOVE mixes her unrivaled love of music with her inherent talent and singularly distinctive appearance. By using her musical talents to share her abilities, MIRIAM LOVE is carrying out her heavenly mission. She is considered a multifaceted icon and one of the most significant songwriters, producers, and publishers of the present. Because of her ingenuity, MIRIAM LOVE is able to pursue her interests in many facets of entertainment, including commerce, fashion, and acting.

The various musical genres of Dance, Pop, Contemporary R&B, Afro Beats, Euro Dance, Electro House, Deep House, Reggaeton, Latin Pop, Rock, Trap, and Hip-Hop are still embraced by MIRIAM LOVE. In 2019, She launched MIRIAM LOVE Publishing, her own publishing house. As she continues to enrapture her listeners one note at a time, She is a trailblazer. She actually enjoys making things, caring for her followers, and spreading her music over the globe! Her ultimate purpose is to spread “Love” through her music and unite people through a shared enjoyment of life, dancing, and unadulterated joy!

On November 16, 2022, the stunning album “The Week-end Remixes,” which features EDM, rave, dance, and club music, was released. The remix album is a continuation of the world-renowned French EDM Producer Joachim Garraud & Leo Ben Salem’s original “The Week-End” remix. You will hear nine remixes while listening, all of which were produced by incredible producers from around the globe and are the winners of the “The Weekend Remix” Contest sponsored by TAGs, Woodbrass, and Discord. I sincerely hope you enjoy this incredible journey of synths, hypnotic beats, and rhythms that will make you Free Your Mind, Move Your Body, and Lose Control.

The Week-end Remixes” was written and produced by Miriam Love at a time when she felt as though the world had stopped moving and everyone was eager to spend time with their loved ones, their family, and friends. “The Week-end Remixes” is an attitude that emphasizes feeling passion, letting go of inhibitions, and moving your body, not necessarily the days themselves. She aimed to emphasize how wonderful life is when you are grateful and present in every moment. This song stands for Light, Love, Joy, Fun, Hope, Endurance, and Perseverance. 

I wish you a lifetime of pure joy, hearty laughter, and enjoyment from this music. Laugh, Smiling, and Dancing with the People You Love!

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