“My Show” a new alternative classic single by the UK-based group “Dirty Mitts” speaks of freedom and enjoying the moment.

The members of Dirty Mitts—singer Tommy, bassist Matt, guitarist Mo, and drummer Mateusz—come from a variety of nations, including the UK, Poland, and Egypt. They came together in 2018 because they share a passion for loud, old-school Rock’n’roll. The Mitts are known for the blatantly bluesy, vintage, raw energy in their songs.

The London-based band Dirty Mitts, who have already performed a number of audacious and spectacular live performances, aim to get people dancing as they released their scorching new track “My Show” on October 28th, 2022.

 Tania Filip
Tania Filip

My Show” is a ton of fun to listen to, blending a heady mix of classic rock riffs and a driven atmosphere throughout. These guys look set to continue their remarkable run of form thus far, brimming with fist-pumping enthusiasm and fantastic grooves from beginning to end. The era of Covid’s initial lockdown was when “My Show” was written. Tommy and Mo, the founding members of Dirty Mitts, were performing in front of enormous crowds while daydreaming about a better time. This is when they made the decision to start writing and turning the concept into a reality with a catchy opening song welcoming everyone to “My Show.”

My Show,” is totally captivating. The song immediately captures your attention with its distinctive fusion of alternative and classic rock. From the powerful guitar riffs and hammering percussion to the dynamic vocal delivery, the track’s vitality is contagious. It immediately becomes an earworm that will have you hooked. The lyrics, “Horses are running free,” and “light it up here we go,” which were much needed at the time, speak of freedom and enjoying the moment. A rock concert will always give us the impression that something is starting over and that everyone needs to be a part of it.

The beginning of the song features a memorable guitar riff that immediately attracts the listener’s attention and establishes the mood for the remainder of the song. Mateusz’s drumming and Matt and Mo’s close harmonies add to the excitement as they create a strong backbeat for Tommy’s guitar and vocal melodies to stand out. Before returning to the chorus, the song’s cheerful rhythm builds to an explosive bridge that intensifies the excitement.

The Dirty Mitts have succeeded in capturing the atmosphere of a live performance and the fervor of a large audience. A potent hymn that encapsulates the thrill of mingling and celebrating life has been created by Dirty Mitts. “My Show” is certain to be a hit with lovers of all genres thanks to its powerful hooks and alternative rock feel.

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