“Break Free” by Erik & The Worldly Savages is a rock EP that relates the tale of the overpowering desire to escape the tedium of modern life 

Erik Mut is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and digital nomad who is dedicated to traveling and seeing the world through his music and company. Erik moved to Belgrade, Serbia, in 2008 after leaving his birthplace of Toronto because he was in love with the Balkans. He started the band “Worldly Savages” there, creating captivating folk-punk energy that drew throngs of fans to more than 250 gigs throughout Europe. Erik Mut’s music explores the idea of being an internationalist and a global citizen and encourages listeners to embrace life beyond national boundaries while also offering subtle reflections on the negative aspects of traveling, such as alienation and displacement.

Erik Mut is a renowned artist and an aspirant entrepreneur who bridges the gap between poetic storytelling and infectious rhythms. Through his ex-pat support business and support adventures, he employs over 160 people and enables them to work remotely and travel for a living. He possesses a wealth of potential and keeps sharing his inspiring message of freedom and discovery. Since 2013, Erik Mut has collaborated on records with Dutch record producer Caspar Wijnberg in his Belgrade studio. On November 23, 2022, he launched a new six-track EP with the well-named title “Break Free.”

“Break Free” relates the tale of the overpowering desire to escape the tedium of modern life in the West, social indoctrination, 9–5 jobs, and mediocrity in order to travel the globe. Erik Mut has genuinely embraced this idea, much like Chris Cornell did in his well-known song, “I’m going to break my rusted prison and run.”

“Break Free” tracklist: 

1. Brainwashed

2. Dry Fear

3. Sunshine

4. Glass Cage

5. Leaving

6. Burn my life

Listeners will remember “Break Free,” an intriguing exploration of rock music, long after the EP is over because of its feisty combination of gritty guitar and male vocals. Starting with the opening track, “Brainwashed,” the appealing melodies establish from the beginning to the end that this is an anthem made to be sung along to. “Brainwashed” examines how society is socially engineered, how it stifles uniqueness and fosters comfortable mediocrity, and it poses the question, “Is this it for humanity?”

In “Dry Fear,” a world where individuals desire to remain encased in a shroud of fear and normality is depicted in a dismal light. Although “Dry Fear” may have a soothing new wave melody, deception often results in surprise. The verse portion has a rock feel but without the guitar. The vocals and the synthesizer’s echoing arpeggio contrast with each other. The verse section’s dynamic energy is drawn upon in the chorus to produce a motivating, ascending, and driving energy.

“Sunshine” offers a perspective on the drudgery of middle-class 9–5 employment while ostensibly looking forward to a reward and contentment that never materialize. In “Sunshine,” the lyrics are urging you to investigate and seek change from your home couch. Don’t anticipate change; there are many more opportunities in life. The sparse music in the verse is particularly enjoyable since it leads into the chorus, which is much richer.

The song “Glass Cage” acts as an anthem for choosing to leave your work, your nation, and your current destiny. The opening sound of “Glass Cage” returns to the norm. With some intriguing turns of its own, the accordion takes us inside the palace of sound. Erik seems to be sharing the stage with the instruments as they deliver the story that has the power to alter dreams. With a fantastic rock swing, the acoustic strumming begins. The resultant sound is flavorful and unparalleled. Dramatic overtones are present throughout the entire song.

Erik & The Worldly Savages‘ iconic song, “Leaving,” showcases their ability to flit between genres and has Rasta undertones in the groove. It’s a joyful, head-bopping song because of the bassline and guitar beat. Aside from the creatives, because we’re all doing a terrific job, shouldn’t we all use this chorus? “Leaving” is about the point of departure, when everyone doubts your sanity but you are unwavering in your choice. 

This fantastic album comes to a climax with “Burn My Life.” With the hindsight of Erik’s previous existence being put to death by flames, this is more in the hard rock vein. The rhythmic instrumental component has some interesting levels that can be read into and almost flows because of the chord sequence. Basically, the moment of departure and the breaking away from the past is captured in “Burn My Life.” A music video is also available for “Burn My Life.” Erik Mut examines his calm upbringing in Canada and how he gave up the beautiful “first world” life to embrace a life of adventure overseas using historical footage and images from his childhood and youth.

Erik Mut created this song in 2008 as he prepared to leave his life in Canada and relocate to Serbia in order to start Worldly Savages, pursue a career as a singer-songwriter, and take music seriously. He understood that in order to find motivation and opportunity in a new country, he would have to leave his life in Canada behind. Someone once remarked that the most difficult aspect was traveling to the airport when you could view your entire past as a closed book. Future possibilities are increased by this.

Erik & The Worldly Savages’ hard-hitting array of rock sounds serve as the foundation of “Break Free.” The energy is steady throughout the entire EP and is delivered in a very polished and controlled manner. Each song’s instrumentation and vocal melodies find a way to remain intriguing and novel while never becoming boring. This contributes to the broader narrative of breaking free and traveling the world while also helping to make each song its own distinct creature.

“Break Free” Ep is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a little different vibe from the pop music that currently rules the radio. Their mastery of producing anthemic, rock-inspired music is amply demonstrated by the tracks’ excellent production and rhythmically compelling beats. Prepare yourself for an amazing listening experience.

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