“Digital Owl warehouse live session” by Peter Spacey is an instrumental track that refreshes our ears and stimulates us with its vivid melodies by capturing the spirit of electronica and blending it with organic and analog sounds.

Peter Spacey is a Tel-Aviv-based digital artist, electronic music producer/DJ, and space lover named Omer Luz. His works explore the relationships between audio elements and visual aesthetics throughout technology. He is known for incorporating audible, visible, and spatial frequencies to create his signature glitched grooves and spacey beats. Spacey‘s distinctive sound signature is a result of his unique combination of influences, stemming from his background as a keyboard player in domestic music (beginning at the age of 7 with a focus on classical and jazz piano) and his early exposure to synthesizers, drum machines, turntables, beat-making, and DJing (starting at the age of 14).

Peter Spacey can be found performing live or DJing at stages, clubs, and festivals. He is also active in the film industry as a soundtrack composer and in galleries, creating exhibitions and art installations. Last year, he released over 10 EPs, created an augmented reality exhibition for his Audio-Visual Beat Tape Album, and performed live as a DJ and as part of the Choke Beat Orchestra Super Group. He shared the stage with major artists such as Mad Zach, Anomalie, and Masego, and his music was used extensively as a soundtrack in the film, commercial, and gaming industries (including for HBO, Porsche, Samsung, Converse, Honda, Playstation, and more). Peter Spacey was recently featured as a collaborating artist in a Mitsubishi advertising music video series, which highlights their latest collection of cars. You can watch the video series at [https://tinyurl.com/SpaceyXMitsubishi]. 

Meital Ner - Director - PR
Meital Ner – Director – PR

Peter Spacey has adopted a worldview that explores frequencies across the spectrum, whether audible frequencies, visible frequencies or frequencies that vibrate in space and time. These days Peter Spacey is touring and performing as part of the “Frequencies” Tour – Audio Visual performance and recently launched his NFT Collection, Audio-Visual Collaboration with L.A. Based Artists TEC. 

Peter Spacey‘s “Digital Owl” is a track that aims to uplift and distract listeners from their troubles. “Digital Owl,” a single from Peter Spacey‘s EP “Carousel,” was initially released in 2021. However, its popularity was revived with the release of a live session on December 25th, 2022, titled “Digital Owl warehouse live session.” The live version of the track is particularly impressive, featuring funky jazz chords (which is no surprise considering Spacey‘s background as a trained jazz keyboardist) that lead into a smooth and rhythmic series of stabs and pauses. The beat of the track is introduced by a hip-hop rhythm, devoid of a refrain, while unique electronic components, mood variations, and surprises embellish the producer’s creation. Blending the essence of electronica with organic and analog sounds, this track invigorates our senses with its lively melodies.

Peter Spacey is an artist who is known for his spacey beats and trippy visuals, and has established himself as a talented figure in both the musical and visual arts. He has a strong appreciation for aesthetics and often employs clean and interesting color palettes and visual spaces in his work, which has earned him a following of admirers.Far from a conventional structure or form, the single opens up, leaving room for space and a unique ambiance. truly an intriguing track accompanied by a well-planned session that meticulously arranges every last detail. 

Aside from his successful music career, Peter Spacey has gained considerable experience working in the film industry and creating installations for galleries. He is a versatile artist who is currently in the process of creating his first album, “Nebula,” which will showcase a variety of artists, vocalists, and rappers.

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