Nestled in the vibrant music scene of Milwaukee, The Pulltops are a dynamic duo comprised of drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell. Their musical journey began against the backdrop of their shared passion for eclectic sounds and infectious hooks. While Mark found solace in the soulful melodies of old country tunes, Tom delved into the experimental depths of the underground music scene.

Their careers eventually came together in the pop music world, where they found a shared love of indie rock and power pop. The Pulltops, inspired by their diverse variety of interests, embarked on a cooperative journey propelled by friendship and innovative thinking. Their distinct sound, with its memorable melodies and moving lyrics, quickly made them well-known in the public’s music scene.


The Pulltops have released multiple songs and have consistently pushed the limits of their musical abilities, creating new auditory soundscapes while adhering to their pop sensibilities. Their steadfast dedication to an emotional connection and artistic expression is evident in every song.

Enter the audio domain of “Here We Are,” the most recent song from The Pulltops, and be ready to be carried away by a surge of contagious enthusiasm and genuine feeling. Released on February 2nd, 2024, this anthemic rock song offers a moving meditation on the process of transformation and captures the spirit of resiliency and self-discovery.

As the dreamy tones of “Here We Are,” the most recent song from The Pulltops, filled the air, I was carried away on an entrancing musical voyage. I was enthralled with the smooth blend of country rock, power pop, and alternative rock components from the opening note. The tune carried me to a place where music was more than just sound; it was an experience, a voyage of self-discovery and rejuvenation. It came over me like a wave.

The journey into “Here We Are” by The Pulltops commences with a finely crafted and sophisticated synths, delicately interwoven to set the stage for the melodic narrative that unfolds. As the song begins, the air is filled with a sense of anticipation, each note resonating with a quiet intensity that beckoned on me to embark on a journey of sonic exploration. The carefully orchestrated sounds of resounding drums enter the scene, their repeated patterns echoing through the composition with a sense of purpose and determination. Accompanied by deep and resonant bass tones, the rhythm section lays a solid foundation upon which the rest of the song will build, establishing a captivating atmosphere that drew me deeper into the heart of the music.

The lead singer’s fervent voice enters the composition at the 0:09 timestamp, creating an emotional symphony that resonates with my innermost soul. With every line bouncing through the rhythm of the music, it’s like there’s a recall button for the soul, kindling a fire inside of me that won’t go out. Then, the guitar’s thunderous sound rises from the vivid shadows like a phoenix from the ashes, giving the soundscape further levels of depth and complexity. The instrumentation takes on a life of its own as the song goes on, changing and growing with each passing second. From the subtle shifts in style to the soaring crescendos of emotion, every note is a testament to The Pulltops’ unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship.

The instrumentation takes center stage from the 1:14 to the 1:45 timestamp, gliding through the song with a grace that is both enchanting and extraordinary. Nevertheless, the song’s climax, which lasts from the 2:24 to 2:38 timestamp, is when the enchantment truly comes alive. Voices harmonizing weave together their beautiful melodies like golden threads to form a tapestry of sound that is heavenly and exquisite, creating a symphony of sound. During this moment of pure delight, when the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, the only thing that remains is the amazing beauty of the song.

In “Here We Are” by The Pulltops, the thematic expression revolves around resilience, reflection, and the acceptance of one’s circumstances. The lyrics depict individuals navigating through challenges, symbolized by fire and ashes, while standing in the shadows of their past selves. Despite the trials, there’s a sense of determination to emerge stronger and more resilient. The lines “Sifting through the ashes Standing in the shadows like we were before / But through the fire Will make us into what we are” illustrate this journey of transformation and growth through adversity.


The acknowledgment of the possibility that some relationships or aspirations may not endure (“Maybe you and me Were never meant to be”) reflects the bittersweet reality of striving for more than what is necessary. Yet, the repeated refrain “Here we are” suggests a recognition of the present moment, acknowledging the risks taken and the branches broken along the way. The hope for resilience and strength is echoed in the lines “May we be strong on the bitter side” and “May we be stronger on the bitter side,” highlighting the belief in the ability to overcome challenges and emerge fortified from adversity.

“Here We Are” by The Pulltops distinguishes itself through its meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The song is honest and sincere in every way, from the moving words to the captivating vocals and intricate musicality. The tune is elevated to perfection by the accuracy and skill of the composition and mixing. A musical masterwork that defies genre boundaries, The Pulltops’ work captivates listeners with its rich emotional content and unwavering artistic integrity. “Here We Are” is a shining example of the band’s dedication to making absolutely amazing music within a congested music world.


The Pulltops’ “Here We Are” is a symphony of sensations and proof of the uplifting and restorative impact of music. Every element of the song speaks to the core of the human soul, from its catchy melodies to its poignant words. Music is transformed into a trip, a revelation, and a celebration of life itself when it is in the hands of The Pulltops. I will always be thankful for that. So get ready to be carried away by The Pulltops’ contagious energy in “Here We Are.” With its timeless appeal and universal themes, this song promises to make a lasting impression on your musical soul, encouraging you to embrace the obstacles that define your path and cherish the important moments in your life.

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