Proklaim Unleashes ‘RIGHTEOUS’: A Soulful Rap Ballad Ode To Resilience And Authenticity


Proklaim is a Namibian solo artist and songwriter who is gaining popularity in the music business. Proklaim’s musical journey began with rapping while concurrently exploring guitar melodies before fully immersing himself in beats. He drew inspiration from a wide spectrum of significant musicians, including Big Punisher, Jay-z, Lauryn Hill, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G.

Proklaim’s sound is a distinctive combination of melodic soul and urban gritty elements, influenced by both guitar and rap. His unwavering search of self-expression and dedication to honesty have defined his development as an artist. Every word and melody demonstrates Proklaim’s devotion to his craft and captures the essence of his deepest feelings and life experiences, from his humble beginnings on the streets of Windhoek to the recording studios of Pin Pushaz Studios.


RIGHTEOUS,” a song by Proklaim that was released on February 1st, 2024, is a powerful illustration of the musician’s command of melody and narrative. Proklaim uses the song as a canvas on which to create colorful representations of his inner thoughts and life experiences. It was recorded at Pin Pushaz Studios and painstakingly mixed and mastered by Audio Art Namibia. As soon as the beat drops, listeners are drawn into a world of sound that combines soulful melodies with gritty urban noises, making for an engrossing and demanding listening experience.

The production of the song is particularly noteworthy; it has a beat that hits with precisely the perfect amount of bass and keeps an unmistakable vigor throughout. The entire ambiance and mood of the song are enhanced by the skillfully constructed instrumentation layers. Every part of Proklaim’s poetic story, from the snappy drum beats has a purpose and contributes depth and texture.

Proklaim’s vocal performance is equally amazing, demonstrating his versatility as an artist as he moves fluidly between rap verses and catchy refrains. With each syllable, his voice transports listeners into his world with a raw intensity that is both mesmerizing and passionate. Proklaim has a true quality to his performance that really hits home, whether he’s spitting fire lines or singing the catchy chorus.

The utilization of many voices throughout “RIGHTEOUS” is among the song’s most noticeable features. This approach is expertly used by Proklaim to give richness to the overall sound by adding a sense of depth and intricacy. Every voice contributes to enhancing the emotional impact of the lyrics and bringing listeners further into Proklaim’s universe, whether it’s through the layered harmonies in the chorus or the overlapping vocal textures in the verses.

Thematically, “RIGHTEOUS” covers a broad spectrum of universal topics, ranging from endurance and resilience to sustaining moral values in the face of hardship. Through his captivating lyrics and genuine delivery, Proklaim shares a peek of his innermost thoughts and feelings, encouraging listeners to go out on a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. It becomes evident that “RIGHTEOUS” is much more than just a piece of music as it continues. It is an insightful reflection on the state of humanity and the pursuit of meaning and purpose in an uncertain world.


Proklaim’s ability as a writer is evident in the song “RIGHTEOUS,” which has a complex melody and insightful lyrics. Each line eloquently captures the manner of life in Windhoek and the difficulties its citizens face through a wealth of detailed narration and striking imagery. Proklaim’s skill at storytelling is evident whether he is sharing anecdotes from his life or discussing more general societal themes; he captures and maintains the attention of his audience throughout.

In conclusion, Proklaim’s talent and artistic vision are showcased in “RIGHTEOUS,” a masterwork of musicality, storytelling, and passion. With its immersive production, inviting vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics, the song is a testament to the power of music—inspiring, elevated, and connecting. “RIGHTEOUS” is a must-listen for everyone searching for a musical experience that stirs the spirit. Don’t miss it; take a listen to “RIGHTEOUS” right now to see why Proklaim is swiftly gaining popularity in Namibia’s music industry.

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