What Nick Noon brings to the music community Is indescribable.

The entertainment and music industry is a world filled with established and promising talents with remarkable talents and gifts. However, in this sea of talents and accomplishment, not every one of those aspiring artists can retain their spark as time wears on, find their unique voice, and stand out among many. 

Nick Noon brings to the music community an indescribable refreshing timeless aura. The Nashville, Tennessee-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter is a rising multi-genre artist. With his emotional sound and relatable style, the talented Jack of all trades is poised to make waves in the scene. A bold unique and prolific take on alternative music, Nick Noon’s newest single is a striking blend of songwriting, rhythm, and euphoria. “Costumes” is the newest alternative/indie release by the never-disappointing Nick Noon from his forthcoming EP ‘A Jejune Affair.’ Passionate about

earnestly creating his own musical lane, the Nashville-based artist continues to surprise

audiences with his adaptive skills and storytelling technique, while also excelling in whichever spotlight he desires. “Costumes” contains striking lyricism that will have listeners hooked and wanting more. The grand orchestra-style production recalls a nostalgic progressive rock style while infusing a modern indie/folk sound. The rising artist is known for his carefully crafted, poignantly composed, and mesmerizing musical compositions that have laid the foundation for his brand and what is to come.

Through this release, Nick Noon is establishing himself as a force in the scene. “Costumes” spares no expense when it comes to delivering quality. Pushing the boundaries of his talents, Noon is also adding new layers to what alternative/indie music with a message can be. “Costumes” became available on October 21st and is a record you must add to your playlist. Inspired by his life experiences, the artist strives to push the envelope with his sound to make a dynamic style that encapsulates his love for various genres. Nick Noon is no stranger to music, as he has written hundreds of songs. 

Reputable publication The Static Dive stated that Noon has “A brilliant lyrical style similar to the great workingman poets like Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan.” Undoubtedly, Nick seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism and music with listeners worldwide and help them feel something. Through his emotion-filled vocal performances, Noon radiates raw emotion through ear-gracing instrumentation that paints a blank canvas. He will have listeners engulfed in the musical world he creates with his realness and versatility. Nick Noon is an artist to watch as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come. Nick Noon is determined to revolutionize the music scene in the coming years through his unique sound and fantastic songwriting deals. He wants to take his craft to the mainstream, attracting a global audience, interact with his fans, and gain accolades for his music.

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