V OF 40M releases his new super-edgy and catchy drill song “PWR”

The new anthemic drill power track “PWR” V OF 40M features guest artists like Hippie and 40M Tye

After building on his previous releases, all of which received 50K or more, V of 40M, also known as Big M, is ready to cause a stir. He has appeared on some of the major platforms in the underground music scene.

V of 40M really made a splash with his head-banging masterpiece “Way Back,” which really demanded attention and made even the industry’s biggest names take notice of the up-and-coming architect of revolutionary rap who is just reclaiming his throne as a lyrical headliner, exactly where he left it before his incarceration. We now know that V of 40M is not to be taken lightly and that his wave of momentum, which has been likened to a tsunami, is unstoppable thanks to smash hits like “No Church On Sunday,” “Inferno,” and “Welcome.”


Building on his success, V of 40M is poised to dominate the airwaves once more with “PWR,” a song that was released on December 12, 2022, featuring guest verses and hooks from Hippie and 40M Tye. To imagine how “PWR,” which was entirely created from the ground up and produced by the visionary Arab Mxfia, might sound, picture a combination of late pop smoke and Designer.

PWR” demonstrates that it’s exploding with emotion, jam-packed with innovative beats, and offers several storylines for the listeners to follow. One of my main issues with collaborations like these is that it often feels crowded, preventing each person from having their big moment. Well, even though this one is a bit shorter, you still get the best of everyone because they all demonstrate their superior abilities and maintain a smooth flow throughout.

The release of “PWR” couldn’t have come at a better moment, and DJs will definitely have a field day with it because it is guaranteed to improve the mood at any gathering. If there is one thing I’ve learned about V of 40M, it’s that he likes to go heavy, and “PWR” is no exception with its heavy bars and dripping drill beats that will keep you pumped up for the duration of the song. I recommend you give him an ear because he unquestionably knows how to make hit anthems. He seems to transform everything he touches into gold, and I’m very sure you could use some extra money on your side.

PWR” serves as both a national anthem and a song for all time. There is nowhere you’d rather be, so follow V of 40M on social media and keep an eye out because he’s serious about business this year and in the future.


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