Mixteller für 2 releases their Electronic pop single

“Let Me Be Me,” a single by Mixteller für 2, is about self-acceptance and overcoming negative self-talk in order to find real happiness. It urges listeners to accept their actual selves and not be held back by the views of others.

Alise Arponen and Sixten Hansson founded the Berlin-based indie synth-pop band Mixteller für 2 in 2020. Alise Arponen provides vocals, lyrics, and composition, while Sixten Hansson provides composition and production. Their songs take the listener on a journey through a mystical environment, where emotional yet playful lyrics meet funky bass lines and 80s and 90s-inspired sounds.

They met in Berlin in 2020, where Alise Arponen had lived since 2007 and where Sixten Hansson was born. Sixten came to Alise to buy some self-sewn facemasks, but they initially met a couple years ago on Halloween, then reconnected on Instagram, and Sixten revealed his desire to start making darkwave to Alise. So, they got together, began dating, and began making music.

On December 6, 2022, the song “Let Me Be Me” was released. It is about being too hard on yourself and the voices in your head that prevent you from accepting who you are and, as a result, keep you from experiencing true happiness. This is Mixteller für 2’s second release, and they are currently working on completing additional releases. Mixteller für 2 recorded the vocals in Alise’s bedroom with her voice coach Kalina present to get the best results. Since those are frequently the best takes in terms of emotion, they ultimately used some of the original Damo version.

I had a great time listening to “Let Me Be Me,” and I have to say that it made an impact on me. Electric keys and percussion are used to create a melodic and melancholy atmosphere in this slow, emotional song. The vocals of Alise were the first aspect of this song that caught my attention. It’s impossible not to be moved by the song because of the singer’s stunning voice and the intensity and emotion with which she delivers the lyrics. The way she sings, “Why don’t they let me be happy?” Why don’t they let me be just me?” is tragic, and it’s obvious that the song is a reflection of some significant, intimate experiences.

Another noteworthy aspect of “Let Me Be Me” is its production value. The percussion and electric keys are expertly blended to produce a rich, layered sound that perfectly accentuates the vocals. Due to the song’s slow tempo, the listener can fully appreciate the song’s beautiful lyrics and its emotional undertones.

The song “Let Me Be Me” is a moving and emotional representation of the musician’s extraordinary talent. Anyone who enjoys slow, melodic songs with a melancholy edge must listen to this song. This masterpiece ought to be immediately added to your playlist.

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