Samantha Gibb’s song “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” is about embracing and learning from previous errors in relationships and personal development, and it inspires audiences to do the same and make better choices in the future. The music urges going forward with conviction and resilience by encouraging self-reflection and empowerment.

Samantha Gibb, the daughter of famed musician Maurice Gibb, has musical genius running through her veins. Samantha Gibb, who was born and raised in Florida but now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, has been recording and composing for herself and others for nearly two decades, following the death of her father in 2004.

Samantha Gibb’s “Sorry Not Sorry” is an eclectic and brilliant song that was released in September of last year. It’s amazing that she’s come back with the most recent rendition of “Sorry, Not Sorry” (The Echo Session), which was released on December 9th, 2022, and now has a comma in the title. It really is haunting. The single is from her “Echoes (The Echo Sessions)” EP, which has four songs. The Echo Sessions EP is a collection of previously released songs by Samantha Gibb that have been softened and given an acoustic/country feel. The EP includes a variety of songs that talk about various topics, including community, love, the holidays, courage, and empowerment. Due to its emotional complexity, openness, and authenticity, the song “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” serves as the ideal embodiment of the EP.

The song “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” gives the song “Sorry Not Sorry” new life. This version values mistakes and lessons learned over the assurance of a complete production. These two versions’ versatility enables the listener to discover something new in the lyrics each time. Acoustic and understated, “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” draws inspiration from Natalie Imbruglia and Lisa Loeb of the 1990s.

 Lazaro Rodriguez
Lazaro Rodriguez

“Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” gives listeners the very genuine pretense of digging through the past while striving to learn from it, with sass, spunk, and candid contemplation. Finding stability after a turbulent past, the alt-indie performer Samantha Gibb sings unabashedly about her mistakes and how they’ve helped her develop both in the context of a relationship and in the context of her hometown of Miami Beach, FL. “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” is a song about growing up and growing apart from a relationship that may or may not have been healthy for you, but how the experience eventually helped you grow.

The music allows listeners to interpolate their own experiences into the tale, resulting in a relatable and emotional experience. Samantha Gibb’s sensuous vocals are highlighted over a distinctive blend of dreamy harmonies. The delicate guitar, piano, and pedal steel arrangement finds a nice genre balance. The lyrics say, “I can’t tell, were you to blame or me? If me, I need to say I’m sorry, but maybe I’m not sorry,” portrays Samantha Gibb’s acceptance of her past and her perseverance to move forward with confidence.

“Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” is a laid-back song that features Samantha Gibb’s gentle and wonderful vocals. The song’s harmonies and the bass-infused ode she delivers are absolutely distinct and original. Samantha Gibb’s sense of melody is pretty powerful, and she ensures that every section of the song has the right meaning as it progresses with some clean synth progressions. As a result, it is clear how well-polished the overall arrangement is! Its infectious tune will undoubtedly resonate with everyone, and it feels like a performance that must be witnessed in order to be appreciated.

Samantha Gibb finds empowerment in “Sorry, Not Sorry” via self-reflection and growth, and she inspires listeners to do the same. She hopes that through listening to the song, people will realize that, while we may not always make the best decisions, we can always make better ones. “Sorry, Not Sorry” will have you sitting back, reflecting, and feeling empowered. 

Therefore, make sure to check out “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” and the rest of the Echo Session EP!

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