The “Steve N’ Chris Remix Kingz, Vol. 1 (REMIX)” mixtape’s message is mainly concentrated on showing Steve N’ Chris’s ability to remix and reinterpret famous tracks with their distinct fusion of R&B and hip hop. The mixtape provides a new take on some of the music industry’s greatest songs, showcasing the duo’s skill and ingenuity as remixers, vocalists, and producers.

The musical duo Steve N’ Chris, composed of blood brothers Steven Hall and Chris Lord, has been around for more than 20 years. While maintaining a strong connection to their Trinidadian heritage, the Brooklyn-based duo has been producing and composing music that combines elements of R&B, soul, and hip hop. Their most recent album, “Steve N’ Chris Remix Kingz, Vol. 1 (REMIX),” which was released on February 4th, 2023, shows off their abilities as remixers and demonstrates their capacity to give some of the biggest songs in the business their own distinctive spin.

The soundscapes in “Steve N’ Chris Remix Kingz, Vol. 1 (REMIX)” are drawn from various hip-hop eras. No matter the era you’re from, Steve N’ Chris knows how to make banging R&B with classic 90s vibes and contemporary clicks. This particular album has a unique, cozy feeling. It’s less like a massive corporate makeover and more like an online mixtape created by some undiscovered talent that you found before anyone else. This album’s production reflects honesty. Each song was clearly written out of love for music rather than for financial gain. This implies that the music can flow, even very slowly.

“Steve N’ Chris Remix Kingz, Vol. 1 (REMIX)” track list:


2. Pop Out – REMIX

3. SuperHero – REMIX

4. Jimmy Cooks – REMIX

5. Free Mind – REMIX

6. Gotta Move on – REMIX

7. Sex in the Porsche – REMIX

8. Keeps On Falling – REMIX

Remixes of songs by artists like DJ KhaledLil BabyBabyfaceTemsDiddyElla Mai, and Metro Boomin can be found on the mixtape. With their distinctive fusion of R&B and hip hop, Steve N’ Chris give the songs a fresh energy that sets the tone for the entire album. They chose the most recent hits and improved upon them to show that they were the next, hence the name “Remix Kingz.” The album was produced by Courtney Hamilton of Full Court Muzik and was recorded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“GOD DID – REMIX,” a masterful production that honors DJ Khaled’s well-known song, serves as the album’s opening track. While Steven Hall’s soulful vocals soar through the hooks, Chris Lord’s assured lyricism and vocal delivery take center stage. It stands out among the other tracks in the collection because of the performance’s motivation and emotion. On “Pop Out – REMIX,” Steve N’ Chris reworked the original song’s dark and frantic trap beat by Lil Baby and Nardo Wick. The pair’s confident performance and skillful beat-changing demonstrate that they are the real remix kings. The song is a masterwork of remixing, with Steve N’ Chris reinterpreting the core of the original composition.

The Metro Boomin beat from the original is combined with Steve N’ Chris’s verses to create the fresh and exciting “SuperHero – REMIX,” which is a guaranteed banger. The pair’s playful attitude is evident, and their writing is excellent. The duo’s new take on the well-known Drake and 21 Savage song, “Jimmy Cooks – REMIX,” is the Next track. Chris Lord’s excellent delivery makes sure that 21 Savage isn’t overlooked, and Steve N Chris’s refreshingly contemporary take on the original Drake sound.

When Steve N’ Chris remix the lovely Tems’ original track with their own assured male vocals, it really shines. The two musicians deliver a fantastic blend of tones, with Chris taking over after the first hook and Steve dominating at first. The end result is a memorable song that brilliantly displays the abilities of the duo. The smooth and moving song from Diddy and Bryson Tiller from last year is remixed by Steve N’ Chris in “Gotta Move On – REMIX.” The duo’s flow is effortless and fluid, and they groove to the complex beat. Given how effortlessly they deliver the song’s hard-hitting verses throughout, it almost seems like it’s their original composition.

A romantic hip-hop track with a sensual vibe, “Sex in the Porche – REMIX” is driven by Steve’s soulful R&B sound and Chris’s intricate lyricism. The Kings present yet another lavish mix that draws inspiration from legends, in this case Diddy and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

The album ends with a remix of the well-known Babyface song “Keeps on Fallin” that puts the focus on Steve N’ Chris’s male vocals. The pair’s heartfelt performance and fluid songwriting make for a strong album conclusion.

The impressive album “Steve N’ Chris Remix Kingz, Vol. 1 (REMIX)” showcases Steve N’ Chris’s prowess as remixers and producers. Anyone who enjoys R&B, hip-hop, or soul music should listen to the mixtape. Steve N’ Chris have established themselves as formidable forces in the music business, and the future is promising for them.

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