“Deviant Pop” an 8 tracks Album is a musical masterpiece with intense moments of forward-thinking art rock interspersed with more melodically innocent tunes by SISYPHES

Sisyphes is a musical group from the UK’s coastal town of Margate. On their debut album, “Deviant Pop,” they effortlessly reached impressive heights. The band consists of Geoffrey Papin (the group’s creator), Clémentine Blue, John Davies, and Jimi Tormey. The title of this album is appropriate. The group’s pop sensibilities are twisted into an arty and academically informed mash-up of avant pop, French synth-wave, and shoe jazz, a shoegaze/jazz hybrid. The songs, which are primarily sung in French, are admirably understated, gently inviting the listener into their incidentally rich world rather than breaking down your attention span.

Phil Pieters Smith
Phil Pieters Smith

Deviant Pop,” an eight-song album released on November 18, 2022, was recorded in four days in the south of France by Franklin Mockett, with an emphasis on spontaneity and seeking a specific sound through warm analog audio equipment combined with modern electronic instruments, pitches, and time stretching. It captures a certain naivety, the birth of a new boulder, which we now have to push blissfully as far as we can!”.

The musical palette of Sisyphes is undeniably beautiful, with intense moments of forward-thinking art rock interspersed with more melodically innocent tunes. “Nos Egos,” the album’s first track, exemplifies this, switching between romantic melodies, arpeggiated synth solos, and an epic post-rock sound that is both psychedelic and progressive. This is also true of the album’s second track, “Comète,” whose hazy atmospherics and auto-tuned vocals create an intriguing, dreamlike auditory experiment. This balance between the tangible and the abstract is the fulcrum on which Sisyphes operates.

The album’s third track, “Hispanie,” features steady percussion that propels woozy guitar chords and beguiling male/female harmonies to a memorable bi-lingual chorus. “La Lassitude,” the album’s fourth track perhaps the catchiest track in the album, demonstrates how the band can combine nonchalant attitudes with their more stony-faced style. Despite the fact that they live in stiff Britain, the group has the cool of a Parisian cafe.

The sixth track on the album, “Samsara,” was inspired by India and how its people deal with the concept of death. While traveling in India, Geoffrey Papin was inspired by how death was viewed as a way to elevate oneself. As a result, the song is both serious and celebratory. Other highlights include the playful indie rock of the album’s fifth track, “No Regrets,” which is adorned with 8-bit sounds, and the 90s college radio sound of the album’s seventh track, “Tu m’indiffères,” which brilliantly juxtaposes its massive riff with more measured verses. “Surreal Art,” the album’s closing track, is perhaps the true highlight of “Deviant Pop,” with its stylish psychedelic pop capable of intoxicating even the staunchest non-drinker.

These atmospheric tracks exist between the physical and astral planes. Their grounded rhythms serve as a vehicle for translucent musical brushstrokes, giving birth to a therianthrope that is both restful and exciting to ride.

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