Temperature Falls with a Supersonic electro/pop album-Protagonist

Nordic Brilliance Music Duo ‘Temperature Falls’ with a supersonic Sound “Protagonist”

Temperature Falls is an Indietronica and alternative duo based in Norway that is known for its vivid experimentations with psychedelia intertwined with hip-hop and its alternative rock that blends influences including Bjork, Portishead, and Pearl Jam into a brilliantly atmospheric and original new sound. Comprised of vocalist/lyricist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, Temperature Falls released its debut album, “Temperature Falls,” in 2019. The duo has a strong sound that is so unique that you might never have heard anything like it before. Temperature Falls has a vast discography of 20 singles and 4 albums, all of which are so innovative that one genre cannot define them. The great strength of this duo is its ability to choose modern sounds and have them mixed together in such a way that they create a unique musical recipe. In other words, an alternative and hypnotic music with industrial nuances and electronic details. 

Ian J Ward
Ian J Ward

Furthermore, they know how to weave music that creates a vibe so unique that we can call it only their own. They made their debut in 2019 with the single “Darkness All Around” and have evolved massively ever since. The Temperature Falls sound ranges from silky-smooth, rich psychedelic soundscapes with a strong dose of hip-hop to bold and brash alternative rock, distorted to perfection and fusing infectious riffs and hooks for genre-defying results. Camilla’s vocals are breezy and introspective, constantly exploring love and torment with a candid and refreshing delivery. Together they make more than just songs; they are creating a new sonic world to be dived into—something tangible. There really is no other artist like the pair, who takes inspiration from any and every artist who is true to themselves, regardless of their work’s popularity or commercial viability. They pride themselves on their strong artistic visions, which are uncompromising and always authentic. 

Ian J Ward
Ian J Ward

Camilla and Ward make this music because it’s what they feel and love. The duo uses music to create moods and tangible feelings that resonate deeply with its listeners. The songs are contemporary and classic at once and instantly pull you into their deliciously hypnotic worlds. The project began with a chance meeting between Camilla and Ward that led the pair into Ward’s studio, where they discovered their magic. Having no choice but to continue, the two spent every possible moment of 2018 creating “Temperature Falls.” The music mixes the glorious euphoria of trip-hop with the backbone of alternative rock in a way that compels you to keep listening.

Furthering their sound and exploring new avenues once again, Temperature Falls are fresh off the release of their 4th record, “Protagonist, and have grown over the years to converge at this moment in time to release a sonic powerhouse of alternative indie tracks, trip-hop, industrial beats, and sprinklings of Lo-fi textures. Temperature Falls have yet again solidified themselves as true leaders in the game of experimental and thought-provoking music. With 10 total tracks spanning right around the 40-minute mark in runtime, “Protagonist” might just be Temperature Falls’ most cohesive record to date. Essentially, it feels like what they’ve done is taken all the cues from previous releases and managed to fuse them into one grand and slightly suspenseful sound. “Protagonist, which is a 10-song-long feast for the ears. An alternative masterpiece filled with huge, wailing synth lines, intricate guitar work, and a vocal performance more haunting than most, this masterpiece ultimately seems to defy genre and defy rules. “Protagonist” was released on December 9, 2022

Tracklist for the Album “Protagonist”

  • Apology
  • Hide
  • Please Don’t Go
  • Run Away
  • Reach
  • I Am Different
  • Lab RatFight
  • Moment Of Loneliness
  • Survivor

There are so many different influences and inspirations mixed into one track that the track is genuinely mind-bending at every point through the music. One of the many strong points of this almost cinematic piece of music is the level of production that has been used on it. Every instrument and every layer just sat perfectly in its place, building the track into the piece that it is. The electronic drums are also just about the best I have heard mixed from any up-and-coming band. It’s just incredible that this duo is actually still so early in their career, purely based on the maturity of their sound. Temperature Falls has seen recent success with placements on notable Spotify editorial playlists, and it’s extremely clear to see why they’d fit into any alt-rock playlist. Even the music video for this song is great. 

The album includes some ecstatic electronic sounds that are beautifully spun with deep vocals, impactful drums, immersive melodies, and elite lyricism. The album starts off with the track “Apology, which is the intro of the album and one of the most impactful tracks of them all. The track surely offers an immersive experience for the listeners. This track will create the heavy vibe that is needed for the whole album beautifully. They released a string of singles in 2021 and have plans to release their fourth album in 2022, pushing the boundaries of their sound even further. If you are looking for music with both a refreshing headspace and an energizing atmosphere, look no further than Temperature Falls, and don’t let them slip off your radar for a second. Anyone seeking new music with both headspace and energy needs to start listening.

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