“Kryptomarch” a super edgy electronic instrumental by Lump200

Kryptomarch is a trippy electronic instrumental that transports you to a universe free of emotions and time by Lump200

Lump200, a Berlin-based cross-genre act, will release “IslesOfYou,” his fifth album, in conjunction with the social audio web app. “Kryptomarch” is the first single from the upcoming album “IslesOfYou,” which was released on December 9, 2022. The album and app, which ventured into experimental waters with an audibly satisfying artistic approach, are set to be released in 2023. It is a participatory approach to social audio that emphasizes crowd recording and co-creation. Lump200 started with jazz-rock, moved on to techno, and then began fusing spoken word, voice, and literature.

artwork by petra peterffy
artwork by petra peterffy

Lump200 was the only name he used at first, but there was some confusion because another Lump existed. They did, however, ask the other Lump when Fabric London wanted to book him. Then he decided to change his stage name to “Lump200” in order to identify as a different person. Despite the name change, the essence of his art has remained consistent and distinct. He finds inspiration both inside and outside of himself, in other people, animals, plants, books, music, food, conversations, general situations and constellations, art, and other people’s abilities and ideas.

Lump200 loved marching music as a kid. The recorder came first, followed by clarinetguitarsaxophonevocals, and piano. Some aspirational music and art tutors assisted him in honing his talent. Sessions are usually the first step in his creative process, where he records, prepares, and processes some musical instruments, either alone or with others. A production often starts chaotically: he builds up, overloads, throws out, and builds up again before beginning to reduce and determining what is actually the core. He enjoys concepts as well as deconstructing them.

Kryptomarch,” Lump200’s most recent single, is an electronic instrumental that transports you to a psychedelic world devoid of emotions and a sense of time. This electronic instrumental hits every note perfectly, ensuring that you get the most out of the album. Kryptomarch features an animated illustration by Petra Peterffy, which was released one week prior to the single.

Kryptomarch” is a truly fascinating concept and performance that expands the possibilities for societal cohesion and harmony by stretching the limitations and boundaries between music and listener. Listen Now!

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