Jane N’ the Jungle – Raw As A Jewel

The DNA of Jane N’ The Jungle is comprised of blunt facts, loud guitars, and contagious enthusiasm. The band has a current rock emphasis and an insatiable appetite for communication that demands attention, with Jordan White’s lead vocals cutting like a knife and influences from alternative rock, metal, and a hint of punk.

After releasing their debut EP, Ocean Creatures, in 2022, Jane N’ The Jungle didn’t waste any time going back to Pearl Sound Studios in Detroit with producer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden) to start working on their next body of work, which continues where the band left off.

In their recent tracks, “DIRTY DOG” and “METAL GHOST,” the band shows signs of maturation and growth. Along with backing from MTV Spankin’ New, Music Choice, Spotify’s Fierce Femmes, All New Rock, Women of Rock, Apple Music’s Breaking Hard Rock, New in Rock, and Fresh Blood, the band has also been featured in Wonderland, Alt Press, Women That Rock, Loud Women, and The Hype Magazine. Rock radio has taken notice and offered support by spinning the band’s music on Matt Pinfield’s New and Approved KLOS FM Los Angeles and Sirius XM.

“Raw as a Jewel,” a brand-new single from Jane N’ The Jungle, was recently made available. Since its debut on November 18, 2022, the music video has earned over 10,000 views on YouTube. The theme of “Raw As A Jewel” is giving into your impulses and revealing everything recklessly. The band challenges us to follow our hearts’ guidance and listen to them as they sing about love and giving second chances.

Jordan White, the main singer for the Phoenix-based band, continues by saying that she works hard to create, sing, and perform in the most authentic and genuine way she can. She, therefore, struggled with “Raw as a Jewel” because she wanted to convey really genuine feelings while being as raw as possible. 

The group’s debut single with Cleopatra Records, “Raw As A Jewel,” displays their powerful, unfiltered vitality. In 2023, new music will be released! Jordan is one of the most dynamic and strong voices we’ve heard in a while, and the band supporting her is FANTASTIC! “We are quite optimistic about this lethal group’s future.” ~Cleopatra Records.

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