Little things 

In a condition of covid ennui and post-surgery, Tobias Borelius of Emerald Park made the decision to revive the band. The primary objective was to repurpose certain Swedish songs that deserved to be heard again, while some new songs were also composed.

Carl Granberg, commonly known as Hate The Boyfriend, a producer, and musician, had started working with the group. The original Emerald Park sound was preserved in the back of their minds as they recorded and mixed, but they also wanted to transform it into something fresh. They both sang lead vocals together, and a number of their friends joined them on stage to play and sing.

The first single from Emerald Park’s upcoming album “Lovers In Reverse,” which features Hate The Boyfriend, was released on November 11th and is titled “Little Things.” “Little Things” is a song with an impressive show of musical taste, excellent vibrations, a relaxing tone, and a meaningful message. This brand-new song combines Synthpop with Indie in a silky smooth way. The sound is as bare-bones and melancholy as an Indie music listener could wish, yet it melds well with the electronic stabs and trap beats. According to reports, the upcoming Emerald Park album “Lovers in Reverse” will be in stores in February 2023.

On “Little Things,” the steady synth that plays the two chords at 1/4-note intervals wonderfully complements the rigid, reverb-heavy percussion. It has a cool, carefree vibe and lots of charm. In particular, the bass is amazing. It is lively and cool, and the tone is wonderful when it departs from the tight rhythmic pattern during a brief instrumental break and riffs for a while. On purpose, the enigmatic lyrics are complex and left open-ended for interpretation.

“Emerald Park: “Little Things” has shown me how pointless our efforts are when we go out of our way to find particular things. We strive to “create the thing and tear it down,” and as a result, we feel empty and eager for more after a relationship, a promotion, or a purchase.” It’s a terrific approach to determining our degree of contentment with who we are and what we have to ask if we could “fit in, with one excellent shoe.” This charming, heartfelt, and understated little treasure needs to be discovered. 

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