Emerging from the bright streets of Windhoek, Namibia, hip-hop prodigy Proklaim goes on to become an enigmatic hip-hop songwriter. When he was first learning to play the guitar, his love of rhythm and rhyme was discovered, which resulted in a modest beginning for his musical career. Proklaim set out on a mission to create his own route in the music industry, inspired by the lyrical brilliance of Jay-Z, Biggie, Wutang Clan, Lauryn Hill, Tupac, and Nas. Audiences all around the world were drawn to his captivating charisma and evident talent, which resulted in his appearance on MTV Base with his explosive “Kingz” video.

Proklaim’s artistic vision transcends mere entertainment; his goal is to create music that not only feels good but also serves as a beacon of excitement about life, while embedding profound messages that uplift and inspire. The song “Civil” marked Proklaim’s foray into a series of Afro Beat tracks at the end of 2023 when he decided to experiment with rapping on African-themed music. Recorded at Pen Pushaz Entertainment studios and mixed and mastered at Audio Art Namibia, “Civil” is a fusion of boombap hip-hop and West African afrobeats, infused with pure hip-hop lyricism.


Prepare to be swept away by the mesmerizing sounds of “Civil,” the latest single from Proklaim, experience it’s rhythmic brilliance and captivating allure. Released on February 1st, 2024, “Civil” represents Proklaim’s bold exploration into the realms of Afrobeat-infused hip-hop. As the first of a series of Afro Beat tracks that Proklaim embarked upon at the end of 2023, “Civil” is a testament to his innovative spirit and musical prowess.

With his latest single “Civil,” Proklaim has once again demonstrated his musical prowess, proven himself to be the embodiment of music, and demonstrated his ability to fuse genres. Simply put, he has once again established himself as the king of genre fusion. “Civil” by Proklaim is a fusion of boombap, hip-hop and afrobeat and the fusion is flawless to perfection, the flows are strictly hip-hop making this track completely unique and dynamic.

This masterpiece starts off with the gentle and soft sounds of piano with a voice that goes “yahbo”, whew this just shows that I was about to enter the domain of the man the myth, the legend, Proklaim. At the 0:09 timestamp I began to hear afro-like soft percussion slowly bringing the afrobeat influence into the mix and at the 0:16 timestamp I heard the sounds of trumpet adding a unique style and flavour, but this trumpet just served as an opening to the begining of the flow of the hip-hop lyric legend Proklaim. Proklaim started dropping lines like balls of fire at the 0:17 timestamp, flows so sick that it began to affect my mind with the lyrics and the rhythm, leaving me hooked and craving for more as each line passes.

The flows that Proklaim began with were like fireworks exploding with energy and lighting up the atmosphere and together with Proklaim’s sweet and crisp vocals was the full metamorphosis of the afrobeat rhythm so it was like the magic within this track began immediately the voice of Proklaim came to be with his fire like flow and the afrobeat rhythm. The trumpet-like sound didn’t follow the composition completely, it was coming at different intervals highlighting moments of beauty and elevating the composition giving it a dynamic style. Proklaim on the other hand never let up a minute with his lines and flows and he rode the wave of this composition with finesse and precision from begining to end. The song maintains a tempo that is truly captivating and engaging and the afrobeat rhythm gave it an edge keeping me hooked from begining up until the very end.


“Civil” by Proklaim resonates with the theme of individuality and self-discovery amidst life’s journey. The song’s lyrics emphasize the courage to forge one’s own route through life if required, evoking a sense of independence and inner strength. With lyrics like “In this life you travel solo if you have to,” the song emphasizes how important individuality and self-sufficiency are to overcoming obstacles and achieving goals in life. Furthermore, the statement “Finally found a reason that is greater than myself” alludes to a profound awareness of purpose that goes beyond one’s own wishes and raises the possibility of discovering a higher calling or worthwhile cause that goes beyond personal issues. Through its introspective lyrics, “Civil” encourages listeners to embrace their unique paths and strive towards fulfillment, even in solitude if need be.

This song’s unique quality is its unmatched capacity to symphoniously blend several genres into one cohesive whole. Every part of this unique sound experience, from the catchy afrobeat rhythm to the compelling hip-hop rhymes and the delicate boombap accentuating touches, harmonizes brilliantly and transcends the usual. “Civil” is proof of Proklaim’s unmatched talent and steadfast dedication to musical creativity. Take a musical voyage unlike any other by losing yourself in Proklaim’s hypnotic “Civil” sounds. Discover the flawless blending of hip-hop flows, boombap highlights, and afrobeat rhythms that go above the norm and take your listening experience to new levels.

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