Aptøsrs Releases A Living Symphony With His Debut “Rust Mountain”

Aptøsrs, the brainchild of Independent Music Award-nominated composer/songwriter Paul Terry, represents a bold foray into the realm of instrumental music. Based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Aptøsrs is a testament to Terry’s boundless creativity and innovative spirit. With a career spanning decades, Terry has established himself as a prolific composer and producer, having crafted over thirty soundtracks for various films and documentaries. Notable among his works are the award-winning documentary “Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection” (the authorized feature documentary about The Rocketeer creator/artist), NBCUniversal docu-series “Behind the Panel,” and the multi-award-winning feature documentary “Sidney & Friends.”

As a singer-songwriter, Terry has left his mark through collaborations with world-renowned Dutch artist Anneke van Giersbergen (on the Cellarscape song ‘The Same Place’), and as the featured artist on ‘Detonation Days’ by Love Amongst Ruin (ex-Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt’s band). His diverse collaborations also include Kenyan vocalist Silas Miami, South African artist Lana Crowster, and British cellist Tom Wraith. Aptøsrs represents Terry’s evolution as a composer and innovator. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical conventions and exploring new sonic territories continues to define his artistic journey.


Aptøsrs’ debut single, “Rust Mountain,” serves as a glimpse into Terry’s musical vision, blending elements of synthwave, cinematic orchestrations, lead bass guitar, piano, and drums that glitch between downtempo, breakbeat, and rock influences. Terry’s fluid transitions between genres and styles in this instrumental composition highlight his flexibility as an artist.

Enter a realm where music is not limited by time or place, where melodies meld with emotion, and where sound becomes poetry. Welcome to “Rust Mountain,” the debut single from Aptøsrs, released on February 9th, 2024. “Rust Mountain” beckons listeners on a transcendent journey, guided by the masterful composition of Paul Terry. From its ethereal inception to its triumphant crescendo, the track unfolds like a tapestry of sound, weaving together layers of melody and rhythm with seamless precision.

The beauty of instrumental singles isn’t just the fact that you can interpret them in your own way, it’s the fact that they’re alive, they evoke emotions by themselves, you can tell what the music is trying to say, you can tell where the instrumentation is coming from and where it’s going to, it’s not just a collection of instruments it’s a symphony that breeds essence and meaning. Instrumental singles are a proof that instruments can speak without having to say a word and Aptøsrs has proved this with his debut single “Rust Mountain”.

For me “Rust Mountain” is an ocean of sound where each level of depth breeds a new face and new meaning it’s like every second of this masterpiece opens another dimension to me. This work of art opens up with ethereal sounds like it came from a fairytale and it gave me a dreamy feel to the point I almost slept off and at the 0:30 timestamp a new phase was opened to me, I heard deep resounding bass sounds with the heavy beating of base drum pointing to me the heart of this masterpiece and proving that it truly is alive and I heard synths sending shockwaves through the composition and at the 0:47 the introduction of stylish drumming came to play, complimenting this unexplainably soundscape that has been formed.

At the 1:15 timestamp the presence of the piano was felt again, it was like it was trying to calm the storm in the sea. The 1:35 timestamp opened a new dimension to this every evolving track with the build of intensity, no it felt more like the sound from an action scene in a movie with the lead bass guitar, the piano and the intense pulsing drumming leading the sonic revolution and the synth covering the intense build up from behind at the 2:02 timestamp it was like the action scene was entering another face, the intensity dialed down but the composition still maintained the action-like tempo sound of and an intense rhythm with the synths still sending shockwaves, the lead bass guitar strumming everly intensely, the piano sounds served as the backdrop this time and the drumming changed the entire feeling of the action-like sound, it was like it entered a phase where ac actor is being chased in a movie, honestly it was like I was living inside the entire sound, I was picturing myself in an alternate universe at every single point in time in this masterpiece.

At the 2:53 timestamp there was a slight break with the piano taking over the composition, giving off a season before the ultimate finale, it was like that was the only time I had to catch my breath and at the 3:05 timestamp I was in for the adventure of my life, though unprepared I was swept by the wave of the intense drumming, the deep and resonating sound of the lead bass guitar the shockwaves of the synths, the dance of the piano, I was completely overwhelmed by the flawless combination of these instrumentation but still I decided to live my fantasy as the instrumentation made me feel like the victor. This continues up until the 3:41 timestamp and from the 3:42 timestamp the instrumentation made me feel like my victory has been established and I was basking in my glory, with the sound of the drum dialed down a bit, the intensity of the instrumentation reduced but the drumming and the intense piano sound took centre stage, crafting melodies of victory.

To be honest, I was unable to completely appreciate the brilliance of this instrumental piece; Aptøsrs truly outdid himself in producing something so exquisite. The fact that anyone can choose to live in the fantasy of this song and write their own story is, in my opinion, what makes it the perfect debut single. No listener could possibly forget the delight of experiencing an instrumental single as deep and meaningful as this one, especially for a debut single. The instrumentation selection was flawless, the choice of a pattern that is unpredictable adds to the intrigue, and the tempo even makes you want to relive it. I’m grateful to Aptøsrs for making PERFECTION your debut single.


“Rust Mountain” is more than just a debut single—it’s a triumph of composition, emotion, and storytelling. The artist Aptøsrs has created a piece of art that challenges listeners to go out on their own exploration and locate significance in the ebb and flow of sound. This tune is a tribute to the endless potential of instrumental music with its fascinating speed, surprising patterns, and immersive atmosphere. Now, experience the transcendence of sound. Dive into the ethereal depths of Aptøsrs’ debut single, “Rust Mountain.” Each note is a brushstroke, painting a vivid landscape of emotion and imagination. From the haunting echoes of the piano to the pulsating rhythm of the drums, “Rust Mountain” is a symphony of discovery.

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