Neoncoloredpixels: Crafting A Sonic Mosaic In “Emotion (It’s in the Moment)”

In the serene city of Nijmegen, Netherlands, a musical alchemist by the name of Neoncoloredpixels weaves a tapestry of emotions and beats, inviting us to join her on an enchanting journey. Picture this: it all began in the ’90s when the installation of a soundblaster in Neoncoloredpixels’ family computer became the catalyst for a lifelong affair with music. Fast forward to 2023, and the artist now graces the intimate spaces of cafe jams, offering a taste of her musical prowess. Steeped in influences ranging from the golden decades of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, thanks to her parents’ penchant for Radio 10 Gold, Neoncoloredpixels emerges as a solo artist and skilled music producer.

The genesis of Neoncoloredpixels’ musical odyssey took root in the era of, where the digital canvas became a playground for her creative expressions. Embracing not only the tunes echoing from the radio and music television but also drawing inspiration from the harmonies crafted by friends, Neoncoloredpixels emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Triphop, a genre that once flourished in the UK during the ’90s, became a beacon of inspiration, and today, Neoncoloredpixels seeks to reignite its flame with a modern twist.


Released August 16th, 2023, “Emotion (It’s in the Moment)” by Neoncoloredpixels opens with an entrancing heartbeat-like drum, setting the stage for a sonic journey that transcends the ordinary. As I press play, the deliberate choice of instrumentation becomes immediately apparent. The slow and hearty synths join the rhythmic pulse, crafting a sonic canvas of profound beauty. It feels akin to the opening notes of an orchestral symphony, where each element is a carefully chosen brushstroke. The anticipation builds as layers of instrumentation interlace, creating an immersive experience. The heartbeat-like drum, acting as both a rhythmic anchor and emotional pulse, establishes a foundation that resonates with the listener’s heartbeat.The synths, deliberate and harmonious, contribute to a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere.

As the composition unfolds, the introduction of the violin becomes a whispered secret, enhancing the emotional depth with ethereal grace. In the realm of instrumentation, “Emotion (It’s in the Moment)” becomes a narrative of its own, a rich tapestry woven with sonic elegance. Neoncoloredpixels’ voice emerges not merely as vocals but as an instrument seamlessly blending with the orchestration. The deep bass, introduced with finesse, grounds the composition with a solid foundation. The violin, with its poignant touch, injects emotional richness, becoming the soul of the piece. Each instrument plays a vital role, creating a multi-layered journey that transcends conventional music.

The thematic exploration within “Emotion (It’s in the Moment)” gains depth through the intricacies of the instrumentation. The lyrics, such as “It’s in the moment we look each other in the eye,” evoke memories of shared gazes, highlighting the intensity found in those crucial instances. Conversely, the line “It’s in the moment we say goodbye” captures the profound weight of farewells, inviting listeners to reflect on the emotional spectrum within specific moments. The symphony of sounds becomes a vehicle for thematic expression, intertwining with the lyrical narrative to create a nuanced exploration of human emotions.

What truly stands out in “Emotion (It’s in the Moment)” is ability of Neoncoloredpixels to maintain a delicate and engaging balance between every single instrument and element in the composition. It’s not merely a feat of technical prowess but a testament to the emotional intelligence infused into every beat and melody. The result is an entrancing experience that superceeds the limitations of conventional music, it’s a journey of the soul, a celebration of emotions.

“Emotion (It’s in the Moment)” is not merely a song but a symphony of emotion meticulously woven with sonic elegance. The deliberate choice of instrumentation becomes a storyteller, with each instrument contributing to a narrative that is both intimate and expansive. The thematic exploration, intricately tied to the music, invites reflection on the depth of human experience. The introduction of the violin, becomes the emotional climax that lingers long after the song concludes. Neoncoloredpixels has crafted a sonic masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional music, inviting me to not just listen but to be enveloped in a symphony of the soul.

In a world saturated with music, “Emotion (It’s in the Moment)” stands out as a gem that beckons you to immerse yourself in its sonic elegance. So, to anyone seeking an authentic and emotionally resonant musical experience, I encourage you to add this single to your playlist. Let Neoncoloredpixels guide you through a symphony of emotions, where every note is an invitation to feel and every beat is a heartbeat echoing the depth of the human experience.

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