In the realm of musical artistry, Anjalts emerges as a captivating force, weaving her narrative across diverse landscapes that mirror the intricacies of her eclectic sound. Born against the lush backdrop of Guyana, her early years were steeped in the vibrant melodies of the rainforest, fostering a deep connection to the soulful rhythms of nature. The transition to the bustling streets of New York City in 2020 marked a pivotal chapter in Anjalts’ journey, exposing her to a melting pot of cultures that would indelibly shape her artistic identity. Amidst the urban tapestry, Anjalts found inspiration in the chaos, drawing from the diverse influences that surrounded her—the raw energy of the city manifesting in her evolving musical repertoire.

Anjalts’ sonic palette reflects a kaleidoscope of influences, drawing from the timeless sounds of legends like Pink Floyd and John Lennon to the contemporary beats of Taylor Swift and Missy Elliott. Her music, a tapestry woven with threads of introspection and resilience, showcases a deep understanding of the human experience. As she navigates the intricate intersections of genres, Anjalts invites listeners into a world where each note is a brushstroke, painting a vivid portrait of her experiences. With an upcoming second album, ‘Bluency,’ poised for digital release later this year, Anjalts’ journey is an unfolding symphony—an exploration of cultural nuances and personal revelations that culminate in a distinctive voice resonating within the heart of the music scene.

Step into the evocative soundscape of Anjalts’ latest creation, “War is so Primitive,” released on November 24th, 2023. This musical revelation drew me into a realm where pulsating synths and thunderous guitar strumming merge, echoing a profound message against the primitiveness of violence. Anjalts’ vocals, charged with intensity, lead a powerful march, making this single a call for enlightened change.

Before the melody of “War is so Primitive” even began, a resounding truth echoes through Anjalts’ composition—war is never the answer. With a profound conviction against violence, savagery, and outdated barbarism, the thematic groundwork is set for a musical exploration challenging humanity to acknowledge these known and common facts. The forceful declaration against resorting to violence as a means of settling disputes becomes a powerful undercurrent, and as I delved into the song, it became evident that Anjalts utilized every element meticulously to maintain a direct and effective message.

As the opening notes of “War is so Primitive” enveloped me, I felt an immediate and deliberate immersion into a war-like preparation, setting a profound tone for Anjalts’ musical narrative. The song commences with a compelling symphony of reverberating drumming, pulsating synths, and thunderous guitar strumming, all intricately synchronized with the tense chords of the piano. This orchestrated introduction goes beyond being a mere auditory experience; it serves as a visceral invitation into a realm of readiness—a preparation for a march against primitiveness and barbarism. At the 0:41 timestamp, Anjalts’ vocals emerge with an arresting intensity and vigor, becoming the guiding force leading a powerful march against senseless violence. The beginning of “War is so Primitive” serves not only as a musical prelude but as a deliberate call to attention, compelling listeners like me to join in a transformative journey.

“War is so Primitive” becomes more than a phrase; it embodies the entire essence of the song—a call for humanity to transcend primitive instincts and find more civilized ways to resolve disputes. Through lyrics like “war is so primitive, stop acting like savages, war is so primitive, we’ve got to be more than this,” Anjalts reinforces the message that we can aspire to be better, more sophisticated, and ultimately reject the primitive path of violence. The song stands as a powerful declaration, encouraging enlightened change and advocating for a world that embraces wisdom over revolution.

The distinctive element of “War is so Primitive” lies in its mesmerizing instrumental composition, a seamless fusion that perfectly aligns with the overarching theme of the song. The energetic synth-wave atmosphere collaborates with electrifying guitar riffs against a bass-driven backdrop, creating a musical tapestry that enhances the song’s powerful message. The war-like drumming pulsating underneath adds a magical touch, turning the track into a rallying cry for change, marching in harmony with Anjalts’ call for enlightened perspectives and rejecting primitive solutions. The instrumental prowess becomes a defining element, elevating the song beyond mere musicality to a transformative and resonant experience.

As I immerse myself in the profound narrative, the music becomes both a reflection and a catalyst for change. The instrumental prowess and thematic resonance make this song not just a part of Anjalts’ evolving discography but a significant mark in the broader landscape of contemporary music. I recommend listeners to experience this song not just as entertainment but as a call to action, a call to reject primitive solutions and embrace a more enlightened path.

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