More The Merrier 

Pop musician and songwriter Sarah Reeves inked her first record deal at the age of 18. She is a property of the record label curb|word Entertainment. Together with soulful singer and “American Idol” finalist Clark Beckham, she turned the song “Winter Wonderland” into a Christmas duet. Every year at the beginning of the Christmas season, Reeves plays “Winter Wonderland” as one of the opening songs. She was thrilled to record her own version because it is straightforward and timeless. She asked her talented friend Clark Beckham to collaborate with her on this song. He was the perfect complement. She hopes that this song will magically fill her with warmth and memories this Christmas.

This summer, Reeves released the poignant original song “Best Days.” She portrays the eternally upbeat person in “Best Days.” She vocally pushes herself while meticulously controlling a sonically textured anthem full of lush, stacked vocals as her soaring range shines across a galloping melody. Reeves challenges listeners to consider the possibility that the best is yet to come because she is optimistic about the future. She asked: What if the best days are yet to come? Despite not downplaying adversity, she promises a silver lining is on the horizon.

On November 4th, 2022, Sarah Reeves released the 12″ vinyl album “More The Merrier.” The moment you hear Reeves’ soothing vocals, you know they will help people get along over the holidays. Reeves, who enjoys the holiday season, includes three original songs on the album: “More The Merrier,” “Sentimental,” and “Snow Globe.”

Album Tracklist:

1. More The Merrier (Original Song)

2. Holly Jolly Christmas

3. Winter Wonderland (feat. Clark Beckham)

4. Sentimental (Original Song)

5. My Favorite Things

6. Go Tell It On The Mountain

7. Snow Globe (Original Song)

8. The Greatest Gift

A jazz-inspired piano-led original melody introduces the album’s lead song and title track, “More The Merrier,” in which Sarah earnestly and vivaciously recounts her favorite Christmas memories. The second song on the album, “Holly Jolly Christmas,” is a piano-led holiday melody that is sure to make even the most heartless listener smile. In addition, she collaborates with Clark Beckham on the album’s third song, “Winter Wonderland,” a slower rendition of a well-known holiday standard. One of her favorite songs from this jazzy, pulsating, and powerful album is this iconic classic. Sarah also dazzles and thrills with the fourth song on the album, “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” which has a gospel-tinged big-band feel and an additional all-original chorus.

The fifth track on the album, “Sentimental,” is a piano-driven reflective ballad that talks about the family aspect of Christmas and features Sarah singing about how she gets reflective and sentimental about the real reason for the season. Sarah discusses living each moment and preserving the best ones “in a snow globe” in the majestic and peaceful sixth song on the album, “Snow Globe.” The moving and adoring “The Greatest Gift” serves as the album’s coda. The song makes a subtle reference to the birth of Jesus as the greatest gift of all.

Nothing soothes a busy, stressful day like some traditional Christmas music. You will undoubtedly treasure these unique occasions and take pleasure in a joyful sing-along as a brand-new “More The Merrier” Vinyl plays in the background on your record player.

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