In the pulsating heart of electronic music, emerges SolarPulse, a visionary artist in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. Born with an insatiable passion for diverse musical genres, SolarPulse embarked on his artistic journey back in 2016, mastering the art of mixing tracks. His initial strides in the nightlife scene began in the energetic atmosphere of Bastille, Paris, where he quickly earned a coveted place among the dynamic DJ community. From the intimate confines of Batofar to the iconic stages of VIP ROOM, SolarPulse’s trajectory was marked by an unwavering dedication to his craft.

Venturing beyond the realm of DJing, SolarPulse delved into music composition within the Banne Sqvad Group, leveraging his network to organize events and secure club performances. This entrepreneurial spirit led him to orchestrate the groundbreaking “CLIMBASS” event in Paris, drawing over 650 enthusiasts to a climbing hall, showcasing not only his musical prowess but also his logistical acumen. In 2022, a new chapter unfolded as SolarPulse set his sights on Barcelona, marking the beginning of a profound artistic venture.

The diverse influences of bass music, techno, and house converge in SolarPulse’s sonic palette, promising an immersive and memorable musical experience. His performances at Drum And Bass nights in Barcelona, coupled with his role in booking DJs from local and French scenes, underscore his commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. With a unique, technical, and versatile style, SolarPulse defies categorization, resonating with the belief that there are no boundaries to the art.


As the sun sets over the Catalonian skyline, SolarPulse unveils his latest masterpiece, the “No Boundaries” EP. Released June 17th, 2023, this original creation transcends the conventional confines of electronic music, offering a sonic journey that defies limitations. Just as the artist himself refuses to be pigeonholed by one style, this EP reflects the multistyle essence of SolarPulse’s mixing philosophy.

The thematic essence revolves around breaking sonic barriers, encouraging listeners like you and I to embrace the unexplored, and dive into a realm where the fusion of beats and synths creates an innovative and dynamic landscape. SolarPulse’s ability to craft a multi-dimensional experience within each track embodies the EP’s overarching theme – a celebration of creativity without constraints. “No Boundaries” isn’t just an EP; it’s an artistic manifesto, an assertion that in the world of SolarPulse, the only limit is the limitless.

No Boundaries EP Track List:

Lips Like Roses:
Embarking on the sonic voyage of SolarPulse’s “No Boundaries” EP, the opening track, “Lips like Roses,” became my gateway into a futuristic EDM dreamscape. From the initial beat, the track establishes an electrifying rhythm, pulling me into a danceable trance. The electric bass drum serves as the anchor, complemented by male vocals that weave a narrative through pulsating beats, creating an intriguing auditory landscape. The journey unfolds with relentless energy, each beat propelling me forward with anticipation for the next sonic revelation.
SolarPulse’s mastery shines through in “Lips like Roses” as diverse elements seamlessly converge. Pulsating beats, sustained synths, and electronic vocals coalesce to craft a dynamic auditory experience. The track’s distinction lies in its delicate balance, where ethereal yet electronic female vocals enhance the futuristic atmosphere. It’s like an immersive journey, a testament to SolarPulse’s ability to create a multi-dimensional soundscape. As the track progresses to its electronic crescendo, “Lips like Roses” stands as a testament to the commitment of SolarPulse to breaking musical boundaries.
In the realm where SolarPulse reigns, pushing limits is the norm, and “Lips like Roses” exemplifies this creative exploration. Its infectious energy and the artist’s adept fusion of diverse elements make it a standout within the “No Boundaries” EP. Navigating the intricate soundscape of this opening track, I’m reminded that SolarPulse’s artistry defies categorization, inviting listeners to embrace the boundless possibilities within the electronic music realm.


In “Scp-049,” the second track of SolarPulse’s “No Boundaries” EP, I found myself engulfed in a mesmerizing journey through the uncharted realms of the EDM world. From the very beginning, the reverberating beats established an infectious energy, holding me in a sonic chokehold and compelling me to surrender to the groove of this electronic magic. The rhythmic foundation is the core of “Scp-049,” creating an irresistible force that guides the narrative, setting the stage for an exploration of the intricate layers of this dynamic composition.
Instrumental prowess takes center stage in “Scp-049,” allowing the beats to dictate the narrative with an electrifying atmosphere. The addition of male electronic vocals at intervals, urging to “stop resisting,” adds layers of depth and ambiance, further immersing me in the sonic adventure. Beyond delivering beats, this track paints vivid landscapes with its atmospheric soundscape. Ethereal synths create an otherworldly ambiance, blurring the boundaries between reality and music. The meticulous craft in dynamic composition, from subtle build-ups to explosive drops, ensures that each section of the track contributes to a storytelling experience, keeping me engaged and captivated throughout.
As I navigate the sonic realms of “Scp-049,” it becomes evident that SolarPulse’s artistry extends beyond the confines of conventional EDM. The track serves as a testament to his ability to communicate emotions through instrumentation, offering a unique form of storytelling that transcends the ordinary. Within the “No Boundaries” EP, “Scp-049” emerges as a sonic adventure that not only defies genre constraints but also showcases SolarPulse’s dedication to crafting a rich and immersive auditory experience.

Don’t Stop:
“Don’t Stop,” the electrifying conclusion to SolarPulse’s “No Boundaries” EP, is a sonic testament to the artist’s ability to push the boundaries of modern EDM. From the moment the vibrating electric bass drum sets the stage, I am catapulted into a sonic odyssey that transcends the conventional realms of electronic music. The synths take an unconventional turn, presenting a deep-synth resonance that intertwines seamlessly with electronic male vocals. This distinctive blend immediately establishes “Don’t Stop” as a track that ventures beyond the ordinary, creating a futuristic EDM soundscape that is both captivating and irresistible.
As the track progresses, SolarPulse demonstrates a mastery of composition that keeps me on the edge of my sonic seat. The dynamic variations in synths, coupled with deep bass sounds, build up the intensity, leading me through an evolving soundscape. The unexpected delight at the 1:05 timestamp, where a synth-piano sound gracefully enters the composition, adds a layer of beauty to the sonic tapestry. This thoughtful addition, along with moments like the pinnacle between the 2:55 and 3:38 timestamps, where all instrumentation gradually gives way to the synth-piano’s glory, showcases SolarPulse’s ability to craft intricate and multi-dimensional EDM tracks. The culmination of the track, with a gradual reintroduction of the electric beat, marks an apex moment that resonates as a climactic conclusion to the EP.
“Don’t Stop” not only serves as the perfect finale to the “No Boundaries” EP but also stands alone as a sonic masterpiece. SolarPulse’s fusion of futuristic elements, from unconventional synths to synth-piano elegance, creates a magnetic force that compels me to surrender to the danceable energy permeating the track. In the world of SolarPulse, where creativity knows no bounds, “Don’t Stop” is a beacon of innovation and a must-listen for those seeking a dynamic and forward-thinking sonic experience.

As someone who has navigated the intricate soundscape of this EP, I encourage fellow music enthusiasts to embark on this sonic adventure with SolarPulse. Whether you’re a fan of bass music, techno, or house, “No Boundaries” promises a diverse and memorable musical experience. Let each track be a guide through unexplored realms, where creativity knows no bounds, and the art of SolarPulse invites you to dance beyond the ordinary.

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