Färgstarkare, Miriam’s debut album brings joy to your heart.

‘Fargstarkare” meaning more colorful in the English language brings nothing but joy to your heart.

On November 11, 2022, Miriam, a Swedish singer-songwriter, producer, and musician, debuted with her album “Färgstarkare,” which is translated as “more colorful” in the English language. The songs on this album are not your typical pop songs; rather, they are influenced by R&B, soul, hip-hop, and gospel. The album’s main theme is the artist’s broad musicality and her various roles as a songwriter, producer, and singer, as well as her own unique and cinematic perspective on life.

Symphonic strings, vocoders, distorted guitars, live samples, and acoustic instruments are just a few of the well-thought-out surprises that set Miriam’s sound apart from other contemporary and well-made pop creations. For each song’s accompanying visuals, she worked with a group of musicians. The inspiration came to Miriam when she came upon an old cassette recording on which her heartbeat from her mother’s pregnancy was captured.

Regardless of the reasons for Miriam’s feelings, the album is about what has given her life purpose and color. She genuinely wants to emphasize her unique way of living while showcasing her whole musical and human palette with each song.

Photo Credit @Nils Sjöholm
Photo Credit @Nils Sjöholm

For the artist Miriam, “whether it’s staring out the metro window at the city, finding strength in tragedies you may be carrying, or just feeling utterly freaking invincible,” Miriam adds, “life seems as dynamic as it does in a movie.” The details and the overall picture become more relevant and sharper as she steps back and analyzes what is happening around her.

Miriam has always desired to tell others about what she sees and encounters. It all comes down to having the confidence to see it and wanting to. The first time she heard the cassette tape of her heartbeats was a special experience. Hearing the heartbeat when she was in the studio with her producers, Hugo and Johan, made her feel as though this was something that only happened in movies. The decision-making process for how she wanted to sing the album as a whole then started. Each song on the album has a certain color, and the video for each song was shot to highlight both the color of the music and the feel of a real-life movie.

It took some time to find the appropriate creators that share her vision, but the two years she spent working on the album entirely on her own have really helped her develop her artistic style. She came to the realization that she needed to connect with the musician she works with if she was going to be an artist throughout the album-making process. Both as a musician and as a person, she wants to be able to leave a room feeling that she made a positive impression.

Alternative pop tracks from a vibrant album called “Färgstarkare.” “Even if you don’t speak Swedish, like me, you’ll be able to enjoy the album’s emotion and appealing songs, the album has the ability to charm you,” says the reviewer.

Since the release of her debut EP, “Det här är”  in 2020, Miriam has performed as a support act for Jenny Wilson, won the Skurup Municipality Cultural Scholarship in 2021, performed at Mejeriet in Lund, and met Max Martin through Zoom.

Her first album will be published in combination with episodes of popular Swedish podcasts like “Osläppt” and “PopMuzik,” an interview with “Fozzie Fanzine,” a release party in Malmö, and a performance in Gothenburg. She will also appear as a guest artist on episodes of these shows.

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