I’m At A Loss

Since the release of the singles “Trust Me” and “The Space In Between,” Alta Falls has experienced a surge in popularity. It’s been victory after victory, starting with a personal recommendation from the OG Yellow Wiggle (Greg Page) to over 48,000 TikTok subscribers. One of the duo’s major successes was getting their first triple j play for “Trust Me” on “Home and Hosed with Declan Byrne,” “Good Nights with Bridget Hustwaite,” and “Late Nights.”

On November 8, 2022, Alta Falls released “I’m At A Loss,” a straightforward electro-pop song, coupled with the news of a nationwide tour for October/November. After their last ultra-chill tune, “The Space In Between,” the duo regains their momentum with “I’m At A Loss.” It’s a glistening, energetic melody that builds and drops in exactly the right waves.

While Matt was demonstrating a brand-new song concept to Nathanael, the lead vocalist, the line “I’m at a loss” suddenly came to him. He was intrigued by the phrase, so he got in touch with their Discord fans to find out what “I’m at a loss” meant to them. The lyrics of the song were inspired by their responses.

Drummer Sebastian “Baz” Jennings Hingston, “Tia Gostelow,” engineer Jordan Bain, and producer Aidan Hogg (G Flip, Holy Holy) worked with the duo to create the new song “I’m at a loss.” The song describes what it feels like to be lost. The overpowering feeling of being lost in the unknown while still breathing in the present and hoping for the best is captured in the song.

The opening of “I’m At A Loss” has synthesizers and beats reminiscent of the 1980s, taking listeners back in time. The chorus is where the song’s use of more modern pop elements becomes most apparent as it goes along. The song’s diverse sounds and feelings combine during the chorus to create its own unique presence. The song’s most thrilling section is the bridge, when the refrain “keep on breathing” is shouted again in the background to heighten the suspense as the song nears its end.

The melody developed throughout the song succeeds in evoking a sense of melancholy in the listeners. The instrumentals for “I’m at a Loss” are playing as the song’s lyrics describe a melancholy experience of becoming lost in one’s own thoughts.

Of course, Alta Falls’ most recent album serves as a lead-in to their second EP. If their last three albums are any indication, Alta Falls’ next EP will be an electro-pop treat filled with their trademark synthy charm, perceptive lyrics, and danceable sounds. The lively song “I’m at a loss.” has a shimmering quality and comes in waves, rising and crashing at precisely the perfect moments.

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