Joshua Martin presents High Go Down his current debut single

High Go down 

Joshua Martin is a solo artist who writes all of his own songs. Joshua combines actual instruments, digital instruments, and pre-recorded sounds to produce his music. He doesn’t play an instrument, yet he is capable of creating a catchy sound with a few chords. When Joshua Martin was ten years old, he realized he could compose music. He started with crafting lyrics, followed by tunes. Years passed before he could afford a 16-recorder and a microphone, so he had to learn the tunes by heart. He now prefers Logic Pro as his DAW. Pop, reggae, new wave, dark wave, and Latin music from the 1980s all had a big impact on him. His favorite bands are The Cure and Aterciopelados.

Joshua Martin participated in a Latinx showcase in November 2021 at the Lily Tomlin Theater at the LGBT Center. His most recent performance was on July 9, 2022, at Mi Centro Pride in Downtown Los Angeles. He frequently makes appearances on the podcasts “Casually Christian” and “Voyage LA.” 

In 2008, he was asked to take part in an LGBTQ rights campaign by Amnesty International. It was a television ad that had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and went viral very quickly. Joshua Martin has been closely working with a producer named Tokota in Bali to remake both fresh and vintage music, including songs he wrote as a teenager.

Photo Credit @Roberto Chavez
Photo Credit @Roberto Chavez

The great Tokta produced the brand-new single, “High Go Down,” which was recorded in Riverside, California, and worked on in the UK and Indonesia. It was released on November 11, 2022. High-reaching, bouncing synthesizers, beautiful percussion, and calming voices are used in “High Go Down” to great effect. Although it has the exuberant vibe of a happy-go-lucky party song, the words clearly juxtapose mood with melody. Joshua Martin was inspired to write “High Go Down” by his favorite 1980s music.

You will certainly fall in love with the techno melodies in “High Go Down.” Joshua Martin’s vocals are ecstatically appealing and beautifully crafted. You’ll feel weightless and floating across the narrow space between reality and illusion while listening to the song “High Go Down.” His seductive voice surely fascinates the audience and draws them under his charms. Definitely one of the greatest songs I’ve heard this month. Anyone who appreciates deep music with groovy voices must listen to this.

The first verse of  “High Go Down” reads, When I put a drink in front of you, I hesitate cause of what you might do, I think of all the stupid things you’ll do, then I give in, I can’t with you.” My interpretation of these lyrics is that he’s afraid that once they start drinking, his lover could do something, which is why Joshua initially balks but finally gives in since he’s so in love with the person. When Joshua becomes envious, he wakes up from his reverie and discovers what his girlfriend is doing, which causes him to regret placing the drink in front of them. As the chorus states, “Jealousy makes my high go down.”

The raw emotions in the song are definitely a rollercoaster ride. Give this one a listen.

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