Renowned Australian Band For King & Country announces a new Album

A Drummer Boy Christmas is an Inspirational Christmas Album by the popular Australian Christian band For Kings & Country

Two Australian brothers, Joel Smallbone, born on June 5, 1984, and Luke Smallbone, born on October 22, 1984, make up the Christian pop duo Joel & Luke. The Brothers, who were born in Australia, came to the United States as young children and settled in the vicinity of Nashville. They sang backing vocals and other supporting parts for other bands as well as with their sister, Rebecca St. James, and other family members at concerts around America.

Shortly after Luke received his high school diploma, the brothers made the decision to explore the possibility of becoming a band. In 2007, they began playing live gigs as a band. Their first name was “Joel & Luke,” which they then modified to “Austoville” before settling on their current name.

Ben Glover served as The Brothers’ producer when they signed with Warner Music Group in 2009. In homage to the British national anthem, their name was changed to “For King & Country.” Luke said, “We want a band name with more significance.” “All the King’s Men” was conceptualized by Joel. Ben Glover, our producer, whirled around in his chair after overhearing us talking when we were in the studio working on our debut album and said, “What about For King & Country?” We all felt a sense of providence come over us at that moment. “For King and Country” was the battle cry of English soldiers who were ready to lay down their lives in defense of their king and country. The Brothers claim that their mission at this time is to give their lives in service to their king and country.

One of the most admired and honored bands in the music business is For King & Country. Joel and Luke Smallbone have received 16 K-LOVE Fan Awards, a Billboard Music Award, 10 GMA Dove Awards, four Grammy® Awards, and three American Music Awards nominations. A Drummer Boy Christmas, a full-length 12″ Double Vinyl, 180 Gram Christmas record, was published by the brothers in 2020.

It took the brothers eight years to complete the album, which they started by imagining their own rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” during a gloomy autumn night in 2012. They fell in love with this wonderful season from that day on, and it has since become etched in the band’s DNA. This was followed by a flurry of Christmas tours, singles, and EPs. So, when the adversity of 2020 gripped the world, they thought it would be the imperfectly ideal year to record their first full-length Christmas album. From producers (Matt Hales) in Bath, England, to string orchestration (Davide: Coldplay), in Copenhagen, to recording with our live band in Nashville, to mixing in London – this album has truly been a global creation says the band For King & Country

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