Destiny Imani, powerful vocalist, releases her fourth studio song

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Destiny Imani – Chosen 

Born in Los Angeles, California, Destiny Imani found her love for music in church. Being raised in the church provided her the opportunity to listen to and learn gospel music. She began her journey into music and soon after began developing her skills in songwriting. Songwriting has and always will be her first love when it comes to music, but Destiny wanted to test the waters as an artist and share her story through song. 

Destiny Imani is not only a songwriter and artist but also an inspiration to anyone seeking to pursue their dreams. With three released singles so far this year, Destiny Imani wraps up the year with her fourth studio single, “Chosen.” Released on November 18th, “Chosen” tells an honest and heartfelt story of choosing your lover. The track differs from Imani’s previous upbeat anthems by offering a relatable, smooth vibe with a sexy guitar and a riveting bassline. “Chosen” follows Imani’s previous release, “Outta My Mind,” as the second single released from her upcoming full-length EP, which is highly anticipated by her listeners. “The song, “Chosen,” is about loving wholly, unconditionally, and honestly because, at the end of the day, the soul chooses its mate, and is a song that wrote itself.” 

I started off with an experience that I wanted to write about, and like a puzzle, everything began to fit together perfectly. It tells the story of a real-life relationship from the start to the present. I was intentional with my lyrics because it was a very emotional time for me, which brought on a lot of uncertainty, but in the end, I made the right choice. “I sent over the idea to my producer, and he added elements that really brought the song to life,” stated Destiny Imani.

I love this song because it is so honest from start to finish. “Every word was deliberately chosen because it is true.” Furthermore, it is a transfixing jewel and encapsulates the humility and happiness of being irrevocably in love—the kind of love that is grown with care and light and nourished with kindness and patience. This smooth R&B and soul-funk track streams like happiness. Its shimmering lines of melodies beautifully extract a mellow euphoria that is long-lasting. Sparkling with rich drops of endorphins, the soundscape is a museum of love and gratitude. The fuzzy texture of the vocals absorbs the glistening trails of synths to radiate the protagonist’s joy. 

There are so many incredible creatives that I would love to collaborate with, but someone who is high on my list is H.E.R. She is an incredibly talented female who, in my opinion, is dominating the industry at a young age. Her writing ability is very impressive, and her musicianship is second to none. It would be an honor to collaborate with her and learn from her. If you ask me, the track is just so pretty. The emotions and sentiments that are contained within its vibrant vessel are so precious and delicate—tender threads of goodness vibing with the universe like a shining heart. Exquisite weaves of acoustics and synths serve up devouring happiness. And, when we look at the simplicity of the composition, we can’t help but wonder how the artist managed to create such an emotionally rich experience with fine lines of acoustics and dots of synths. Destiny Imani’s “Chosen” is a must-listen and promises to be a song played on repeat.

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