Darrian Gerard releases her debut Alternative Rock Ep

Basement Stadium is a pop-rock EP by Darrian Gerard that explores hardships and vulnerability while conveying messages of empowerment, self-reflection, and courage to overcome difficult situations and grow as a person.

Darrian Gerard is a pop-rock musician from Canada who writes, records, performs, and produces all of her own music. She began playing guitar at the age of seven in a small village in British Columbia, Canada, and has since added bass, piano, and drums to her repertoire. She began her professional career at the beginning of 2021, releasing her first single, “I Don’t Need Anyone.” Since then, she has released six more singles, all of which have received varied blog write-ups, radio airplay, international press, and other attention. Darrian Gerard’s eagerly-awaited EP, “Basement Stadium,” which comprises some of her most vulnerable compositions, was released on February 10th, 2023. Darrian Gerard‘s music has been described as anthemic pop-rock with Avril Lavigne, blink-182, Halsey, and Taylor Swift influences.

Lexis Lane Photography
Lexis Lane Photography

Basement Stadium” is an alternative, pop-rock EP inspired by life’s ups and downs and the desire to travel somewhere new and become who you truly want to be, who you are meant to be. All of these songs were written, recorded, and produced in Darrian Gerard‘s basement, which is where the “Basement” part of the name comes from. For the time being, “Stadium” refers to her stage. Darrian Gerard‘s stadium is currently the basement, but with time and perseverance, she hopes to be performing the contents of her EP for all to hear in all corners of the world.

Darrian Gerard has already crossed the first big milestone of her career with the release of her debut EP, “Basement Stadium,” after establishing herself with a variety of bold and thrilling offers over the last few years. This new five-track EP, which includes previously released anthems “Explosion” and “Powerless,” is an immensely exciting and energetic listen. “Basement Stadium” cements her as one of the more compelling artists on the rise right now, conjuring more of that raw and driven pop-rock approach she has established for herself over the years.

The sound of “Basement Stadium” is influenced by Avril Lavigne’s “Under My Skin,” Halsey’s “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power,” and blink-182’s Untitled album, and the five songs portray various hardships, vulnerable moments, and positive views toward growth.

Basement Stadium” Tracklist:
1. Explosion
2. Powerless
3. Everybody’s Mad At Me
4. Backseat Driver
5. Old Wounds

Darrian Gerard opens “Basement Stadium” with “Explosion,”  a great opener full of explosive guitars, hard-hitting percussion, and soaring vocals that had me pumped and ready to go, It even contains some dramatic twists and turns that add to the intrigue and demonstrate Darrian Gerard’s unwillingness to take the easy way out in her writing. “Powerless” follows with a more emotive tone and heartfelt melodies. Darrian Gerard’s writing skills, with its seamless evolution that continues to push forward without sacrificing its basic feeling.

On Everybody’s Mad at Me,”  Darrian Gerard steers into darker and more atmospheric territory, the acoustic guitar intro giving it a warm and welcoming opener while the synths creep in, creating the dark ambient halo that combined with Darrian Gerard‘s soft, silky vocals, formed a wonderful fit. It progresses slowly and skillfully until the well-arranged and choreographed chorus hits, pushing its sound and dynamics even further and adding a deeper, more intriguing layer to its mix. “Backseat Driver” has an easygoing structure and incredibly frenetic drumming. It has a nice, laid-back sound that emits a lot of early 2000s rock vibes and is quite approachable to a wide spectrum of consumers, thanks to Darrian Gerard’s infectious vocals.

Old Wounds” closes the EP with an open atmosphere and cool tunes, It features a smooth, fluid structure with a lovely piano progression and a vocal melody that guides the dynamics throughout its flowing movement. A nice conclusion to such a well-written and polished EP.

Darrian Gerard’s “Basement Stadium” is a terrific start; it reveals her personality as well as her writing talents in a way that will let her listeners react to her music and develop an unbreakable relationship between them. Darrian Gerard was able to effectively mold her influences and add her own spin to them, resulting in something unique.

Lexis Lane Photography
Lexis Lane Photography

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Darrian Gerard, and you should definitely go check this out.

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