The single “Be Brave” by the female collective “Lionesses Be Brave” is an empowering charity anthem for the Women’s Football team. Through powerful lyrics and an energetic melody, the song encourages women to embrace courage, break free from limitations, and be fearless in pursuing their dreams.

A unique group of women has developed, blending their skills and passions to become a force for good change in a world where the value of unity and teamwork is being acknowledged more and more. Led by the visionary singer-songwriter Anna Johnson, the female collective “Lionesses Be Brave” is making waves with their musical project, transcending boundaries and championing the cause of women in both music and sports.

The core members of this influential collective are Anna Johnson, the driving force behind the project, and renowned producers Annie Rew Shaw and Eve Horne. Together, they’ve embarked on an ambitious journey to uplift women and inspire them to embrace courage and bravery through their music. Their latest single, “Be Brave,” released on July 12, 2023, serves as a charity anthem for the Women’s Football team, capturing the essence of empowerment and resilience.

A music writing workshop was held at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance earlier in May. Vocalists, composers, producers, and MCs gathered in the afternoon to work on the demo music for “Be Brave.” On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, a final recording session took place at ICMP, featuring rappers TrueMendous and Lavz. The track was sent to Katie Tavini for mastering and Jess Camilleri for mixing.

The song “Be Brave” is more than just a piece of music; it is a representation of harmony, optimism, and tenacity. The listener gets swept into a world of joy and empowerment right from the start of the song. The song opens with a female vocalist speaking over a pulsating beat, accompanied by distant background voices cheering, setting the tone for an uplifting and energetic journey.

As the melodious tune comes in, a female voice echoes through the speakers, singing the captivating lines, “Oh, the Lionesses, it’s never too late to be brave.” The lyrics send a resounding message, urging women to break free from societal limitations and embrace their strength and bravery.

The track further evolves with the introduction of a female rap flow, complemented by an underlying beat that perfectly syncs with the rhythm. This fusion captures the listener’s attention and enhances the track’s overall impact. “Be Brave” is undeniably upbeat and contagious, making it impossible not to nod along and tap your feet to the infectious rhythm.

The collective’s dedication to uplifting women in both music and sport is among its most impressive features. The initiative aims to create a sense of solidarity and community among women by conducting community-based writing workshops. These workshops provide a platform for women to share their stories, experiences, and aspirations, further fueling the project’s creative essence.

In addition to the music itself, Lionesses Be Brave has also focused on producing an inspiring music video that resonates with the song’s empowering message. The visuals amplify the track’s impact, featuring strong and determined women, athletes, and musicians who have overcome obstacles and adversities to emerge victorious.

However, the collective’s mission does not end with the song and music video alone. The team is organizing a charity event to celebrate the release of “Be Brave” and raise funds for an incredibly worthy cause—Solace Women’s Aid. This UK-based organization has dedicated more than 50 years to helping women and children who have experienced abuse and violence, making them an ideal partner for this enormous project.

The production quality of “Be Brave” is a testament to the exceptional musical brilliance within the Lionesses Be Brave collective. Annie Rew Shaw and Eve Horne’s expertise as producers, alongside the contributions of talented mixing and mastering engineers, have resulted in a true masterpiece. The track’s powerful message is further amplified by the dedication and passion of all those involved, making it a meaningful anthem that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on listeners worldwide

In conclusion, “Be Brave” serves as an empowering charity anthem for the Women’s Football team. With its catchy beats, powerful lyrics, and infectious energy, the track is destined to become an anthem of courage and inspiration for women everywhere. More than just a song, “Be Brave” is a movement that empowers women to be courageous, powerful, and brave without apology.

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