Asaf Ashkenazy’s EP “Dog In Yard” comprises five tracks that merge folk rock and masculine vocals with emotive and inspiring themes. From the sad ballads “Thinking About You” and “Don’t Cry” to the more uplifting and inspirational “Take Me” and “Share The Light,” each track has its own distinct flavor.

Asaf Ashkenazy, who hails from Israel, has been making waves in the music industry with his uplifting and empowering lyrics, which are balanced over rock and Americana elements and delivered with unique flair. Asaf Ashkenazy released his first album, “Become,” in 2015, on which he played all the instruments, recorded them, and edited them; he has also released nine singles to music stores since March 2021. The gifted artist has had a busy few years, having released a slew of singles and EPs with producer and collaborator Shafar Kaufman“Dog In Yard” in particular stands out as a specific aesthetic heavyweight, thanks to an appealing formula focused on calm folk and rock content, which provides the ideal backdrop for Asaf Ashkenazy’s emotional and empathetic vocals.

“Dog In Yard,” Asaf Ashkenazy’s debut EP released on May 1, 2022, is a highly delightful, easy-listening soft rock EP that completely captivates its listeners. This EP has five songs that combine folk rock with male vocals in a unique and harmonious way that oozes emotion and beauty.

Dog In Yard” Tracklist: 

· Don’t Cry 

· Spread The Light 

· Take Me 

· Thinking Of You 

· C’est La Victor 

“Dog In Yard” contains both English and Hebrew narrative, highlighting Asaf Ashkenazy’s distinct style and lively personality. From emotional ballads like “Thinking Of You” and “Don’t Cry” to more fierce and uplifting offerings like “Take Me” and “Spread The Light”. The record has something for everyone, gracefully taking the listeners on an irresistible journey through Americana, folk, and classic rock. The lone tune with Hebrew lyrics, “C’est La Victor,” closes the EP.

This EP’s remarkable writing combined with a colorful musical production is undeniable. The collaboration of Asaf Ashkenazy and producer Shahar Kaufman allows the listener to slip into an easy and compelling groove that gets the body moving. The complexity and depth of Asaf Ashkenazy’s arrangements reveal his exceptional musical ability, and the range and variation of timbres demonstrate deep knowledge and awareness of how to give a track life.

The use of varied sampling and looping techniques gives each track a distinct flavor, creating a sound kaleidoscope for listeners to explore. The balance of sad and upbeat moments is flawless, resulting in a delightful and dynamic environment that enables the listener to go through their music. The EP “Dog In Yard” is a musical feast that perfectly shows the power of instrumentation.

The vocal delivery flawlessly complements the instrumentation, producing a harmonious and captivating trip from beginning to end. Asaf Ashkenazy’s unusual vocal style adds a dimension of emotion to each track without overpowering the instrumental.

Overall, “Dog In Yard” is a compelling and delightful soft rock EP, The excellent musicianship and expertly created instrumentation, paired with the harmonized vocal performance, make for an exciting listening trip that is never boring or monotonous. Asaf Ashkenazy is a songwriter with extensive compositional skills. I recommend listening to “Dog In Yard” multiple times and taking little sips like a drink of aged whisky.

In this EP, Asaf Ashkenazy has truly developed something unique, and it is a must-listen for fans of easy listening, folk rock, and male voices.

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