Jacqueline Kroft’s “PIANO PRELUDES, Vol.02” is a 6-track EP including 27 piano preludes with classical, jazz, soul, and pop elements. Each tune expresses a different atmosphere and emotion, demonstrating Jacqueline’s musical experiments and inventiveness.

Jacqueline Kroft, an English-Canadian pianist and songwriter who was born in Liverpool and raised in Canada, combines an exploratory and inquisitive sound with a wide range of musical genres. When Jacqueline was ten years old, she enrolled at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music to study classical piano. This was the beginning of her musical journey. Her love of music inspired her to experiment with various genres, such as jazz, soul, and pop. Her music, which draws from her classical training, is notable for its imaginative and ambitious compositions. She explores electronic, rock, pop, and classical sounds to express her creativity.

A piano prelude serves as the basis for each song in Jacqueline Kroft’s personal style of songwriting. She establishes the foundation for the sound on her first instrument before adding to it with her distinctive style of lyrical soundscaping. Her diverse musical background has influenced her, fusing composition with originality to create her own soundscapes. Her project, Piano Preludes, demonstrates her commitment to musical exploration and innovation, and she will be playing in St. Paul’s Covent Garden on March 30th, 2023, in a noon concert. 

The exquisite collection of classical piano instrumentals on Jacqueline Kroft’s “PIANO PRELUDES, Vol.02” EP, which was released on February 17, 2023, is sure to enthrall any listener. She has created 27 piano preludes, which are being published in volumes with 5 or 6 pieces each. “PIANO PRELUDES, Vol.02” is the second volume of this graceful and contemplative collection. The EP has six songs that total about 16 minutes in length, with each track lasting about 3 minutes. The piano is the only instrument used in any of the tracks. With her expressive tool in hand, she only needs to use her mind and fingers to forge powerful musical narratives.

“PIANO PRELUDES, Vol.02” Tracklist:

· Piano Prelude 06 (Catch Up)

· Piano Prelude 07 (Moving Leaf)

· Piano Prelude 08 (Straight Up)

· Piano Prelude 09 (Mornings With You)

· Piano Prelude 10 (The Way)

· Piano Prelude 11 (Underwater Movement)

“Piano Prelude 06 (Catch Up)” is the first track on “PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02,” and it begins with a lovely melody that builds slowly into a more complex composition. Simply mesmerizing is how Jacqueline Kroft’s fingers move across the piano keys. It’s the ideal first track, setting the tone for the entire EP. Following suit, “Piano Prelude 07 (Moving Leaf)” has a calming and meditative sound that makes it the ideal track to unwind to after a long day. It’s easy to picture oneself listening to this song while relaxing by a window and listening to the rain outside. One of the EP’s standout songs, the melody is simple but effective.

“Piano Prelude 08 (Straight Up)” is a lively song that brilliantly displays Jacqueline’s prowess as a pianist. It’s a welcome change of pace from the slower, more reflective songs that came before, and you can’t help but tap your feet to the beat. A lovely and passionate piece of music called “Piano Prelude 09 (Mornings With You)” perfectly expresses how it feels to wake up next to a special someone. Jacqueline’s delicate touch and expressive power on the piano perfectly capture the tenderness and affection that the song is about. It’s a heartfelt ode to the power of love.

The EP’s most complex piano playing can be heard on the bittersweet and melancholy “Piano Prelude 10 (The Way).” The song has a profound emotional impact on the listener and lingers in the listener’s mind long after it has ended. The EP is concluded with “Piano Prelude 11 (Underwater Movement),” which has a dreamy and ethereal sound that conjures up images of the deep ocean. It’s the ideal conclusion to an EP that transports the listener through a variety of feelings and moods.

“PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02” maintains a sense of peace and tranquility throughout as Jacqueline Kroft creates an incredibly lovely setting for rest and reflection. “PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02” is sure to please, whether you’re looking for something to unwind to or something to inspire your creative endeavors.

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