Prima Apollinaare releases an Anthem of Resilience single

Prima Apollinaare’s song “High and Low” is about tenacity and resilience in the face of life’s difficulties. It relates the tale of repeatedly getting back up after being struck down.

Prima Apollinaare is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter who has taken her native style to stages around the country. Prima Apollinaare provides a unique blend of powerful passion and empowering melodies, working to build a sound that speaks to the heart of any listener.

Prima Apollinaare has taken as many creative risks as she has influences, including Florence and the Machine, Kate Bush, Bjork, and Fiona Apple. Her music reaches out to the listener and tells of both grief and success with a distinct style of raw passion and delicate, precise poetry.

In addition to performing “Black Rabbit Rose” on a regular basis in Hollywood, Prima Apollinaare recently released an album with renowned producer Eren Cannata, who is best known for producing and writing the music for the outstanding movie “Purple Hearts,” which was the most watched title on Netflix in 2022.

Prima Apollinaare has a distinctive synth-indie pop vibe and a beautiful voice. The unwavering quest for self-expression, which gives Prima Apollinaare’s music a vivid and varied sense that makes her originality stand out, is ultimately what makes her music unique.

With the release of her most recent song, “High and Low,” released on January 31st, 2023, Prima Apollinaare has unleashed a monstrous sound. It’s a pop song with a meaty, full-bodied feel that incorporates synthesizer tones. It starts rushing at you right away. The percussion tries to stop it, but it doesn’t work. Although its rhythmic splashes and kicks are effective, more is needed. The vocal then enters. It fills the entire soundscape and is enormous and tall. It eats up the synth and spits out a song you’ll remember for years after chewing on the beat. The chorus is wide-ranging like a sandstorm, and it’s infectious. The pop energy permeates the song, acting as a catalyst for the melody’s unrelenting ascent to greatness.

Paul Smith Photography (@paulsmithphotography)
Paul Smith Photography (@paulsmithphotography)

Prima Apollinaare’s work is fervent, honest, and captivating. She has gradually begun to be acknowledged as a genuine pop artist. “High and Low” by Prima Apollinaare is a knockout. It is a track off of her album “Alignment.” The album is inspired by life experiences, the pandemic, dedication, and an unwavering devotion to oneself and one’s goals. Each song addresses a distinct facet of love, dreaming, and self-esteem. Eren Cannata produced and Una Jensen engineered the track, which was recorded at West Hollywood/Sturdy Studios. This is a must-listen album that captures something absolutely unique.

The music video for “High and Low” provides an excellent accompaniment to the song. The video, directed and edited by Paul Smith, depicts a series of classic driving scenes throughout Los Angeles in a hazy, lo-fi aesthetic. It’s a fitting visual portrayal of the song’s themes of persistence and perseverance.

Finally, the music provides an anthemic and tremendously euphoric feeling. All of the elements come together to produce “High and Low,” a very immersive piece of music, depicting the story of getting back up after being knocked down by life’s trials and tribulations time and time again.

“High and Low” hit me like a number one pop single. You can try to ignore it or skip it. But its melodies linger in the back of your mind like a wonderful thought. Prima Apollinaare is not to be missed.

Generally, Prima Apollinaare’s “High and Low” is an outstanding achievement. It’s a song that will stay with listeners long after the final notes have faded away, thanks to its compelling message, gorgeous instrumentation, and expressive vocals. And with an album as great as “Alignment” to back it up, it’s evident that Prima Apollinaare is a talent to keep an eye on in the coming years.

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