Two songs on Chuck Phillips’ new EP, “War of the Worlds,” deal with both social difficulties and individual struggles. They include a remarkable fusion of modern melody and an old-school rock sound, all delivered with Chuck Phillips’ recognizable gentle vocals.

Chuck Phillips is a guitarist, pianist, synthesizerist, bassist, percussionist, and vocalist whose inspirations include the Beatles, Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Al Stewart, Dawes, and Wilco. He played the opening for headlining act The Embers, starring Craig Woolard, at Mac “Bear” Hodges’ “Stay Wild” music festival. 

The singer-songwriter Chuck Phillips’ voice can only be described as soft as butter. Coupled with his delightfully mellow vocals, the instrumental perfectly pulls everything together. His music is for everyone; it has the perfect blend of contemporary and nostalgia, with an old-school rock vibe and a fascinating melody. Chuck Phillips’ new EP, “War Of The Worlds,” is excellent for easy-listening aficionados, with jangly guitars, bouncy keyboards, and a serene yet uplifting tempo. Chuck Phillips produced the album, which was recorded at Edgewater Studio in Washington, North Carolina.

“War of the Worlds,” released on March 10th, 2023, consists of two harmonizing tracks, one of which is titled “War of the Worlds” and the other “Long Love.” Chuck Phillips’ unquestionable talent and distinct voice can be heard on his fourth studio release. He does not only write and produce all of his music, but he also plays all of the instruments and delivers the vocals.

Chuck Phillips’ constant irritation with the ignorance of a big percentage of modern society, as well as the people and things that we elevate as being important in life, inspired “War of the Worlds.” “Long Love” is a reflection on his seeming inability to maintain a long-term relationship.

The title track, “War of the Worlds,” is intriguing since the lyrics are topical, discussing society’s demise. At the same time, the instrumentation and witty vocals sound like they’ve been plucked from the 1970s. This contrast between the calm instrumental and the very dark/satirical tone of the lyrics highlights what makes Chuck Phillips’ music so unique.

“Long Love,” the second track, is a bit faster-paced, with whimsical, high-pitched keys, funny yet hard-hitting drumming, and Chuck Phillips’ vocals, which are significantly higher pitched than “War of the Worlds.” Whereas the first single is more concerned with the world and society as a whole, “Long Love” is more personal. The song addresses Chuck Phillips’ internal troubles and ideas, while also making fun of his inability to maintain a love relationship for long.

Although “War of the Worlds” and “Long Love” have very distinct meanings, Chuck Phillips’ quick-witted words in both songs provide a safe environment for the listener. “War of the Worlds” is a soothing pop song about a frightening reality.

Check out this incredible EP! “War of the Worlds” by Chuck Phillips is now available on all major music streaming services.

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