The punk/rock album “CRANIOTØMY” by SØUNDHOOSE is a collection of 15 songs with a mental health theme. It explores topics including loneliness, anxiety, toxic relationships, and the need for assistance and counseling. In addition to offering assistance and support to people of various ages, sexual orientations, and nations, the band hopes to create a forum where people may discuss these challenging subjects openly without fear of judgment.

Jeremy Bauer on bass, Paul Burns on drums, and Brandon Smith, the lead singer and self-described “Mr. Bad Luck,” make up the alternative punk/rock group SØUNDHOOSE.

When listening to the songs the trio has produced, it is clear that their songs are timeless. The trio sets out to create mind-blowing songs that can withstand the test of time. As the foundation of a person’s being, SØUNDHOOSE is a band that supports and advocates for mental health. As a result, the majority of their songs focus on mental health and how to improve it.

Under the album “CRANIOTØMY,” released on March 10th, 2023, SØUNDHOOSE has compiled 15 tracks with motivating and wonderful lyrics. Each song is made so that the lyrics are crystal clear and the emphasis of the song is not lost.

“CRANIOTØMY” Tracklist: 

1. Ghosted 

2. Runner

3. Phobia 

4. Loner

5. Deep End

6. The Burns Effect 

7. Enemy 

8. Addicted 

9. Save Me

10. I Don’t Mind It 

11. The Call pt. 1

12. Friendzone 

13. The Call pt. 2

14. Just a Name

15. Mood Swings 

The album begins with “Ghosted,” which introduces us to the trio, enabling each member to shine, with some amazing instrumental portions, while Brandon Smith adds emotion and meaning to the dense lyrics that depict the story of something not being quite right inside your head mentally. SØUNDHOOSE do not shy away from discussing mental health; instead, they include it throughout their songs, virtually turning the record like a therapy session. “Runner” inspires confidence with a hard-rock production, “Phobia” has a dark punk-rock edge, and “Loner” takes us on an introspective journey about not quite fitting in, personal anxiety, mental health, our internal dialogues, and the human condition. “Loner” also impresses with a pop-rock vibe combined with honest lyrics about loneliness – something many people need to talk about more.

“Deep End,” the fifth song on the album, finds SØUNDHOOSE bringing a rock-ballad energy for the verses mixed with alternative-rock choruses, creating an interesting atmosphere that links well with the lyrics of the song as Brandon Smith sings about needing someone for support to stop him from drowning.

The next song, “The Burns Effect,” catches the “CRANIOTØMY” listeners off guard with electronica-rock that really lets Jeremy Bauer and Paul Burns shine. We also get some spoken word, which easily distinguishes this from other songs. Returning to hard rock, “Enemy” and “Addicted” bring fervent lyrics and fired-up vocals. The ninth song, “Save Me,” features backing vocals and an alternative-rock backing track that highlight Brandon Smith’s vocals as he sings about needing someone to save him.

The tenth song on the album, “I Don’t Mind It,” explores more pop-rock, which SØUNDHOOSE perfectly complements and suits the trio in every way. The lyrics discuss how a toxic relationship can affect someone mentally and how, despite others’ suggestions that you seek therapy or help, you are the one who is unaware of how the toxicity harms. The song “Friendzone” opens with an answering machine message called “The Call, Pt. 1” before the vocals begin 40 seconds later, discussing the mindset of being stuck in the friend zone and telling a realistic tale. The next song, “The Call, Pt. 2,” is an answering message from the same woman who hasn’t heard from the person she friend-zoned in a while. She says she’s angry that they’ve ghosted her, but that sometimes you need to put yourself first, and if that means breaking up with them because you wanted more from them but they didn’t, then that’s the right thing to do.

The track, “Just A Name,” builds on the previous three tracks and displays SØUNDHOOSE’S incredible punk-rock energy. The lyrics discuss ending a toxic friendship and putting that period of their lives in the past. As the band realizes the toxicity they’ve described in the previous 14 tracks and how difficult it all is mentally, “Mood Swings,” the album’s final track, completely strips it back to an acoustic composition. However, having someone to talk to and singing the lyrics out loud has proven to be helpful.

“CRANIOTØMY ” is a culmination of the mental warfare that is; despair, solitude, paranoia, anxiety, toxicity, and all the things that one could consider oneself weak if they acknowledge they succumb to, according to SØUNDHOOSE’S frontman Brandon Smith. No matter the age, gender, or sexual preference, mental health is at the core of SØUNDHOOSE’s work, and they want their songs about these difficult topics to be strong, danceable, and a platform for people to talk openly about it without feeling judged. This is a forum for providing assistance and support to people of all ages, sexual orientations, and nationalities, Because everyone requires assistance and support, this is the best forum for that discussion.

SØUNDHOOSE has made a spectacular and substantial attempt to establish themselves as a relevant musical entity. I advocated this is due to the fact that it is one of the best rock albums of 2023, with the guitar riffs and superb rhythms are in complete sync with the words, and this trio certainly understands how to make outstanding records.

Broadly speaking, “CRANIOTØMY” is a stunning 15-track Album that undoubtedly starts the conversation about mental health. SØUNDHOOSE have really dug deep within themselves and been utterly honest, while also gifting their listeners with a hugely versatile sound that is sure to relate and resonate with many music fans around the world, allowing them to examine themselves and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

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