Unleashing Empowerment: ‘Beast Mode’ By Lil MC And Breathless Redefines Female Rap

Beast Mode

Lil MC, a talented producer and MC, joined forces with Breathless, another remarkable MC, after a serendipitous encounter at an all-women’s music conference. Their collaboration stemmed from a shared passion for women’s empowerment, drawing inspiration from influential female MCs like Missy Elliot, Sampa The Great, and Snow Tha Product.

Both artists boast impressive backgrounds, with Lil MC gracing notable hip-hop festivals like Smoked Out BBQ, while Breathless has toured with Warped Tour and headlined San Francisco Pride. Their collaboration earned them the prestigious “local sirens award,” paving the way for their project’s recording at Women’s Audio Mission, a studio revered for recording Bay Area legends like Tupac and Digital Underground.

Beast Mode

Beast Mode,” a compelling rap single by Lil MC and Breathless, emerges as a defining anthem in the world of music, unveiled on August 4th, 2023. Crafted at Women’s Audio Mission in San Francisco, this track stands as a testament to female empowerment and inner strength. It’s a rallying cry, igniting the “inner warrior/champion” within everyone. The song’s creation involved an all-female team, from writing lyrics to engineering, delivering a powerful statement in support of women’s capabilities. With a mission to redefine mainstream perceptions of female MCs, Lil MC and Breathless weave together thought-provoking, empowering lyrics that resonate long after the music fades—a musical force inspiring listeners to conquer challenges with unbridled strength and determination.

The track opens with a steady rhythm that captured my attention, setting the tone for what’s to come—a seamless blend of captivating beats and engaging rap verses. The initial slow, deliberate rhythm maintains its pulse even as the beats and rap verses are introduced. However, at around the 0:36-second mark, I noticed a subtle shift where the rhythm becomes less noticeable to my hearing, weaving itself back into the composition periodically, offering a distinct musical journey.

One of the most striking elements for me in this song is the undeniable prowess of the rap flow. Both Lil MC and Breathless command the microphone with finesse, delivering their verses effortlessly. Their dual vocal delivery is a testament to their skill, delivering each line with a smooth, unwavering flow that showcases their artistry and command over their craft. It’s this synergy that not only captured my attention but also kept me immersed throughout the song.

The beats serve as an impeccable backdrop for the vocals, demonstrating a deliberate choice in energy. Unlike the typical high-octane rap tracks, “Beast Mode” opts for a more controlled and minimalistic approach to its beats. This deliberate restraint allows the artists’ lyrical prowess to take center stage.

Beast Mode

The track’s energy is captivating, offering a distinct and immersive listening experience. The deliberate choice to maintain a specific energy range throughout the song contributes significantly to its uniqueness. It’s a composition that doesn’t rely on overpowering beats but rather on the artists’ finesse and the nuanced balance between vocals and instrumentals. This deliberate blend creates an atmosphere perfect for me when on those long drives or just walks, elevating my entire listening experience. What I must also commend is the consistent energy maintained throughout the track. While the beats aren’t overly energetic, the artists’ delivery ensures an immersive and engaging experience.

In summary, “Beast Mode” is a testament to Breathless and Lil MC’s collaborative ingenuity and commitment to reshaping the rap landscape for female MCs. Its release marks a significant milestone in their journey, showcasing their talent and dedication to creating empowering, thought-provoking music. This track, with its controlled beats and commanding vocal delivery, is a compelling addition to any playlist seeking a unique, empowering, and immersive rap experience.

Whether you’re a fan of rap or simply crave a captivating musical experience, “Beast Mode” promises an immersive journey worth exploring. Don’t miss out on this empowering musical force—head over and experience it for yourself!

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