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For almost twenty years, How To Loot Brazil has been a band that is hard to fit into a specific category. Described as “possibly the top indie band in Germany” by OX and hailed as brilliant by VISIONS, they have chosen to stay mysterious, avoiding attention to concentrate solely on their music. Having produced eight studio albums, one EP, and numerous remixes, their dedication to their craft is truly remarkable.

Their music blends various genres including the intense energy of (Post) Punk and the powerful melodies of Indie Rock, all with a throwback 80s feel that questions traditional music standards. Their music revolves around catchy melodies and a determined quest for the ideal pop hook. Their choice to release acapellas has triggered a burst of creativity on the internet, resulting in numerous producers remixing their material, resulting in significant collaborations such as Kodak Black sampling “Errror” for his popular song “Super Gremlin”.

Credit: janka schmitz

Released on April 5th, 2024, “Joy To Be Had” is How To Loot Brazil’s ninth studio album, showcasing their lasting popularity and developing musical style.” This collection of 13 songs weaves together to provide a captivating listening journey, each track standing out as a work of art on its own. The record takes listeners on a voyage through the group’s diverse inspirations, demonstrating their skill in merging styles to create a unified sound that is both recognizable and innovative.

From start to finish, “Joy To Be Had” is an album that demands full attention. Every song is created with a distinct composition that is noticeable, but there is a unity in their diversity that connects them. The album embodies the band’s unique style, proudly indie, irresistibly catchy, constantly pushing the limits of pop music.

Joy To Be Had Album Track List:

Valley Girls:
“Valley Girls,”
the first song on How To Loot Brazil’s album “Joy To Be Had,” establishes the scene with an engaging intro that hints at a captivating musical experience. The song starts with a well-defined beat, setting a feeling of organization and anticipation. As the tempo continues, a strong rhythm is introduced, providing more layers and energy. The vocals come in with a captivating entrance, enticing the listener to lean in and hinting at a desire to break away from the structured rhythm. The singer’s confident and assertive vocal delivery, with every word spoken firmly, makes a powerful statement that echoes throughout the song.
The structure of the song is carefully designed, with the rhythm and beat forming the base for the layered vocals. This harmony results in a a sense of anticipation, a musical pause, as if the components are synchronizing, anticipating the ideal moment to unleash their complete power. The most impressive aspect of the track is its capacity to generate excitement. It tantalizes the listener with clues of a forthcoming crescendo, implying a burst of vitality and liveliness that is constantly unattainable. This skillful manipulation captivates the audience, keeping them on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for the track to reach its full potential and transform into a powerful source of sound.
The climax of “Valley Girls” arrives at the 2:35-minute mark, where the instrumental components surge forward with a newfound energy and vibrancy. In this moment, the instrumentation takes center stage, becoming the focal point of the track. The vocals, while still present and discernible, are momentarily overshadowed by the sheer force of the instrumental performance. This change in dynamics grabs the listener’s focus and keeps it engaged until the end of the track. The outcome is a musical performance that is both exciting and rewarding, leaving the viewers with a lasting memory of the band’s creative talent.

Happy 2 Be Angry:
“Happy 2 Be Angry”
stands out on How To Loot Brazil’s album “Joy To Be Had,” displaying the band’s versatility and musical talent. The enchanting vocal performance at the start of the song captivates the listener right away, accompanied by a soothing melody in the background. The peaceful beginning is quickly replaced by a surge of excitement at the 15-second point. The change is remarkable as the music suddenly bursts into a dynamic and lively atmosphere, featuring energetic instrumentals and enthusiastic vocals that perfectly capture the essence of the song.
The orchestration of “Happy 2 Be Angry” is a wild ride of emotions, reflecting the intricate nature of the emotions it delves into. Following the sudden increase, the music briefly pulls back at 27 seconds, causing a moment of relaxation before coming back full force at 30 seconds. This infectious pattern of engagement persists in the track, captivating the listener with a rhythmic and lively instrumentation that is both irresistible and engaging. The song’s captivating nature comes from its lively arrangement, inspiring movement and exuding a strong sense of vibrancy.
As the song continues, it returns to the calm beauty of the initial vocals at the 1:54-minute point, offering a quick break from the strong emotions. Nevertheless, this brief break quickly ends as the music returns to its energetic beat at the 2:07-minute point. The combination of the peaceful and the dynamic, the serene and the active, creates a lasting and thrilling experience in “Happy 2 Be Angry”. The band’s talent in developing song this is both musically fascinating and emotionally shifting, leaves listeners feeling both fulfilled and excited for what comes next.

Credit: janka schmitz

Time Flies:
“Time Flies”
stands out on How To Loot Brazil’s album “Joy To Be Had,” starting with a vivid soundscape that immerses the listener in a lively street setting. The genuineness of the moment is evident, as the pure tone of a young girl’s voice mixes with the background noises of footsteps, conversations, and moving vehicles. This introduction sets the stage for an organic musical journey, highlighting the raw originality of the voice and the immersive environment it creates.
As the track progresses to the 22-second mark, there’s a seamless transition into a rhythmically engaging instrumentation. The catchy beats and grooves provide an immediate injection of energy, compelling the listener to move with the rhythm. The arrival of the lead singer at the 43-second point is truly captivating. The singer’s deep and captivating voice pairs excellently with the energetic background, adding to the track’s rhythmic charm.
The musical composition of “Time Flies” is a lively blend of sounds, filled with a captivating energy that holds the listener’s attention. The strong and convincing lead vocal performance, along with the harmonious interaction of the backing vocals, brings richness and energy to the song. Collaboratively, they produce a highly contagious listening experience, defined by lively instrumentals and a vocal delivery that reflects strong conviction and harmony. This song showcases the band’s talent in creating music that is both lively and deep in meaning.

Not The 80s:
The final song on How To Loot Brazil’s album, “Joy To Be Had,” named “Not The 80s,” showcases the band’s skill in creating music that connects with the spirit of dancing. The song starts with a strong bass beat that quickly catches the listener’s focus, providing a stable base for the rest of the music experience. As the piece progresses, it transforms into a catchy and engaging groove. The vocal performance is not only audible; it’s felt, drawing in listeners to the dancefloor with an almost irresistible charm. The instrumental progression enhances this charm, maintaining a high energy level and a deep groove in the track.
Not The 80s” is a celebration of rhythm and movement, a track designed with the dancefloor in mind. The instrumental composition is far from monotonous; it’s a vibrant tapestry of sounds that keeps the listener engaged and moving. The unique vocal delivery adds a layer of depth to the track, making it stand out in the album as a piece that not only calls for movement but demands it. It’s a musical invitation that’s hard to refuse, offering a groovy experience that’s each fresh and reminiscent of the fine dance tracks of the beyond.
Closing the album, “Not The 80s” provides a strong finishing, showcasing the band’s versatility and skills to the listeners. The song emits a captivating rhythm that motivates all listeners to sway along. It’s a perfect conclusion to an album named “Joy To Be Had,” as it captures the core of happiness and jubilation that the band tries to communicate with their music. This song not only ends the album but also guarantees that the essence of the music will linger and motivate long after the final note disappears.

Essentially, “Joy To Be Had” is a bold declaration by How To Loot Brazil. It’s an album that embodies the essence of a group that has dedicated years to perfecting their art, resulting in a set of tracks that are not only listened to, but also experienced. It serves as a reminder that despite music often feeling temporary, there is still happiness in sounds that are genuine and full of passion.

Joy To Be Had” is a must-listen for music lovers who value the craft of making music. It’s an album that highlights How To Loot Brazil at their peak, full of energy and satisfaction. Feel free to listen to it and allow their musical talent to captivate you with pure joy.

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