Vernons Future

Vernons Future established a unique presence in the indie music scene of the 1980s, known for their catchy pop melodies and preference for upbeat indie music. Those who enjoy bands such as XTC, Blur, and The Lightning Seeds would experience a sense of familiarity and happiness in their music. Their adventure started when they released their first album ‘Smithdown Road’ in 1990, which received acclaim for its genuine and charming pop qualities. Nevertheless, the band’s first period was brief, causing them to break up and go their separate ways around the world. Years later, the band regrouped and reemerged as Vernons Future, immersing themselves in a different indie music scene. The album ‘Aquaplaning’ in 2022 marked their return, signaling a fresh era for the group.

Vernons Future

The band’s return is signified by the release of a “Steerpike” on April 5th, 2024, following their successful album in 2022, breaking a period of no new music. “Steerpike” fuses gothic style with disco rhythms, forming an enigmatic and enthralling genre that blends dark charm and vibrant vitality. Taking cues from the rough beauty of Poldark and the intricate setting of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast novels, Vernons Future creates a sound world that moves back and forth between the ghostly and the energetic, providing listeners with a getaway to a place where history comes alive with a contemporary energy.

As “Steerpike” unfurls, it introduces a piano synth that is both tender and piercing, casting a spell of otherworldly tranquility. The melodious whisper is quickly joined by a consistent heartbeat of a rhythmic beat at the eight seconds mark, creating a strong base for the upcoming auditory journey. The interaction of both components guides the audience into the heart of the music’s story, creating a setting that is both personal and vast. The anticipation builds until the vocals cascade into the mix at the 0:31-seconds mark, their arrival timed to perfection, enhancing the journey into the heart of Vernons Future’s musical vision.

The entrance of the vocals is a study in understated elegance, emerging with a poise that is both relaxed and subtle. Propelled by the steadfast rhythm, the vocals steer the composition through a sea of sound, navigating with a deft touch that belies the complexity beneath. As the song progresses, the initial melding of piano synths and rhythm resurfaces at the 1:02-minute juncture, a leitmotif that serves as a reminder of the song’s origins and the cyclical nature of its structure.

The song’s structure is characterized by its dynamic shifts. At 1:17minutes into the song, the singing comes back, this time supported by a complex mix of rhythmic musical elements that enhance the overall sound of the song. At 1:48 minutes into the narrative, the synth introduces a sudden surge of energy, adding vibrancy and lifting the composition to a higher level.

Vernons Future

Simon Burchill explains that the lyrics for “Steerpike” were influenced by the Gormenghast Trilogy, emerging from distant memories and blending seamlessly with the music. The character Steerpike, for whom the song is named, is depicted as an anti-hero who is smart, cruel, and driven by ambition without remorse. The difficult rhythms and beats of the music reflect the complicated layers of the individual’s persona.

As the song continues, it becomes evident that “Steerpike” does not stick to just one rhythm. Instead, it is a voyage through different auditory terrains, all equally captivating. The variety of instruments is diverse and extensive, creating a natural mix of tones that is both new and genuine. The instrumentation is not merely a backdrop to the vocals; it is a narrative force in its own right, articulating the story with a voice that is both distinct and harmonious, guiding the listener through the song’s multifaceted landscape.

Vernons Future

The excitement surrounding “Steerpike” is set to culminate with an accompanying video released simultaneously and also in a live performance at The Spice of Life in Soho on May 4th. This event is Vernons Future’s inaugural performance in London following their memorable shows at Islington’s O2 Academy in the fall of 2023. The excitement for this show highlights the band’s close relationship with their fans and their expertise for captivating audiences during their stage performances.

Clocking in at five minutes and thirteen seconds, “Steerpike” is a musical adventure that beckons listeners to explore a world of numerous rhythms and beats. The song proves Vernons Future’s growth as artists and their dedication to their musical origins. It’s a song that requires attention and guarantees to make a lasting mark in the indie music scene.

In a nutshell, “Steerpike” by Vernons Future stands out as a bold and creative addition to their collection, fusing gothic elements with disco beats for a captivating and distinctive sound. It invites listeners to immerse themselves in its rhythmic storyline and be captivated by its storytelling skill. Make sure to discover this song and allow yourself to get lost in its rhythmic journey.

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