Dive into the mesmerizing musical odyssey of 28TO15’s latest EP “99 Miles,” as they masterfully blend rock and pop elements to create an emotive rollercoaster of heartfelt lyrics and uplifting melodies. Explore the captivating fusion of introspective themes and vibrant instrumentation that has garnered global acclaim, leaving listeners spellbound and eager for more.

Meet 28TO15, the dynamic musical man hailing from the picturesque United Kingdom town of Hilperton. With his original EP “99 Miles” released on May 31, 2023, he have swiftly carved a niche for himself in the rock genre with a distinctive pop-edge. His music has a captivating twist – while the tracks exude a happy, upbeat feel, the lyrics delve into heavy subjects such as depression, lost love, and the struggles of everyday life. This juxtaposition creates a compelling and engaging composition that resonates deeply with his audience.

The EP showcases 28TO15‘s ability to craft catchy and uplifting melodies, occasionally weaving contemporary electronic grooves into his sound. Drawing inspiration from renowned bands like Counting CrowsBruce Springsteen, and Dave Matthews Band, his music strikes a balance between modernity and familiarity, appealing to a diverse and broad listenership. Spearheaded by Marc’s heartfelt songwriting and complemented by the skillful production and mixing of his friend Nik, “99 Miles” boasts a homemade industry-standard production that is poised to captivate audiences and turn heads in the music world.
This exhilarating collection of five tracks has taken the music world by storm, immersing listeners in a kaleidoscope of emotions through its powerful instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics. Let’s embark on a sonic adventure, exploring the notable elements and captivating essence of each track.

99 Miles tracklist:

  1. (Hey Hey) Beautiful Day
  2. 19.8 Miles on Average (Like a Machine)
  3. Bright Eyed
  4. Broken
  5. I’m Alright

Kicking off the EP with a bang, “(Hey Hey) Beautiful Day” boasts an infectious energy that instantly lifts spirits. With the interplay of electric guitars, bass, and drums, the song exudes an undeniable sense of joy. As he passionately sings, “She’s standing there in front of a mirror, staring at her eyes, All she sees is the darkness, well I see the light,” a powerful message of hope and encouragement resonates with listeners. The seamless fusion of uplifting melodies and introspective lyrics showcases 28TO15’s unique ability to create a meaningful connection between music and emotions.

Continuing the musical journey, “19.8 Miles on Average (Like a Machine)” drives forward with an electric blend of guitars, bass, and drums. This track exudes an unmistakable sense of determination and resilience. As the rhythm propels the listener forward, the powerful vocals amplify the message of perseverance in the face of challenges. The electrifying energy and catchy riffs make this song a standout, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s heart.

With the opening strums of an acoustic guitar gently leading the way, “Bright Eyed” tugs at heartstrings with its emotive sincerity. The soulful vocals take center stage, accompanied by a subtle yet impactful mix of acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. This heartfelt ballad embraces vulnerability, taking listeners on a poignant journey of self-reflection. The delicate balance of instrumental elements effortlessly merges with the raw emotion in the lyrics, forging a deep and personal connection with the audience.

Broken” emerges as a moving and introspective piece, driven by the soulful sound of the piano, supported by the rhythmic heartbeat of the drums. The captivating vocals pour out like a balm to heal wounds, as the song delves into themes of resilience and healing. The poignant simplicity of the arrangement allows the powerful message of hope and renewal to shine through, leaving listeners in awe of 28TO15’s musical prowess.

Closing the EP with a rock-like vibe intertwined with the comforting strums of an acoustic guitar, “I’m Alright” takes listeners on a musical rollercoaster. The electric and acoustic guitars dance harmoniously, accompanied by the driving force of the drums. The vocals soar with confidence, delivering a message of strength and self-assurance. This track perfectly encapsulates 28TO15’s ability to seamlessly blend rock elements with acoustic charm, creating a captivating and satisfying conclusion to the EP.

As you revel in the auditory splendor of “99 Miles,” we recommend experiencing the EP from start to finish to fully immerse yourself in the emotional journey crafted by 28TO15. Each track offers a unique perspective on life’s trials and triumphs, leaving a lasting impact on your soul. Moreover, don’t forget to share this musical masterpiece with friends and family; it’s an EP that deserves to be heard far and wide. Keep an eye on 28TO15’s future projects, for his passion and talent are bound to take them even further on the road to musical greatness.

In conclusion, “99 Miles” stands as a testament to 28TO15’s exceptional artistry and creativity. His ability to weave together powerful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a diverse range of musical elements sets them apart as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As listeners, we are fortunate to be a part of this remarkable journey and eagerly await what lies ahead for this talented artist.

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