Discover the enchanting world of Colleen Rennison’s musical brilliance as she unveils her latest masterpiece, “I Do.” From the mesmerizing instrumentals to Colleen’s evocative vocals, every note crafts an emotional landscape of love, longing, and vulnerability. With profound lyrics that convey the depths of infatuation and a chorus that echoes the bittersweet journey love often entails, “I Do” leaves a lasting imprint on the heart.

Colleen Rennison, a multifaceted artist from Vancouver, Canada. With an undeniably powerful voice, she burst onto the music scene in 2011 as the vocalist of the blues-rock group “No Sinner”. Her raw and soulful vocal delivery immediately drew comparisons to legendary blues singers like Janis Joplin and Maggie Bell. However, Colleen’s unique identity as a performer shone through, as she brought her own experiences and emotions into every note she sang.

Her journey as an entertainer began at the tender age of five when she entered the film industry. Growing up as a child actor exposed her to a rootless existence, constantly moving from one set to another. This transient lifestyle left a lasting impact on her commitment to her craft, allowing her to deliver explosively honest and vulnerable performances on stage.

No Sinner” quickly gained international recognition and success, but after reaching new heights, the band hit a painful wreck in 2016. Despite attempts to start a new career in cities like New York and Austin, Colleen found herself trapped in a new kind of limbo, facing dangerous situations and personal demons that haunted her.

In a courageous move, she decided to seek refuge on Vancouver Island, hoping to find solace and clarity. However, her struggles deepened, and she eventually found herself in the challenging Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Fortunately, fate smiled upon her, and she miraculously found the help and support she needed. Embracing the right kind of friendship, internal discipline, and creative partnership, Colleen began her transformative journey towards personal and artistic redemption.

In early 2021, Colleen Rennison entered producer Felix Fung’s New Westminster studio with a renewed sense of purpose. With a clean slate and newfound determination, she started working on what would become the defining expression of her art, a true masterpiece, a record that is a true representation of her soul and artistic brilliance, drawing from her extensive life experiences, hardships, and achievements.

Colleen Rennison is stronger and more focused than ever thanks to her commitment, determination, and the encouragement of those who believed in her. Her experience is proof that even under the most hopeless circumstances, there is always a glimmer of hope for a better future. It is a monument to the strength of fortitude and the pursuit of one’s true passion. Colleen Rennison continues to inspire with her passionate talent and her unwavering dedication to the stage, where she bares her soul and melts.

The musical gem is set to captivate the world with her latest single, “I Do.” She has poured her soul into this masterpiece, the song carries an emotional wave that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Released on June 9th,2023, this song comes as a gentle breeze on a warm summer’s day, wrapping us in a cocoon of dreamy bliss.

I Do” is the second single from Colleen’s highly anticipated album, “Persephone”, set to release later this year. In this soulful R&B track, she confidently wears her retro influences, creating a soundscape that beckons us back to a bygone era. It’s a musical journey that evokes nostalgia and aching sentimentality, filling our hearts with a hopeful optimism that feels satisfyingly sweet.

As the enchanting melody begins to play, Colleen’s mesmerizing vocals take center stage. With every note she sings, listeners are transported to a world of love, longing, and heartache. Her voice is a potent elixir that wraps around our emotions, drawing us into her emotional landscape. The song’s instrumentals are equally remarkable, creating a harmonious dance between Colleen’s vocals and the instrumentals. Each element magically complements the other, giving birth to a musical experience that leaves us breathless and in awe.

I wanted to capture the excitement and delicious agony of being enamored with someone and daydreaming about them to the point of almost insanity,” shares Colleen. Her artistic vision shines brightly in the lyrics, each word meticulously crafted to convey the depths of infatuation. The first lyric, “Hey baby! Baby! Don’t you want to make some time for me? Every time we talk, you say you’re sorry for what a stranger you’ve become.” hit us with a wave of vulnerability, laying bare the raw emotions of unrequited love.

The true essence of “I Do” comes alive, with Colleen’s voice soaring high as she professes, “Can’t say that I don’t want you just cause I’m going to get hurt, Cause I do.” These words resonate deep within our souls, reminding us of the bittersweet journey love often takes us on. The emotional landscape of the song depicts aching hearts and captures the desire to be near to someone despite the possibility of experiencing tragedy. “I Do” is more than just a song it’s an expression of the love, desire, and vulnerability that everybody experiences.

I urge you to take a moment and let Colleen Rennison’s incredible world of “I Do” captivate you. You’ll be taken back in time to a time of love and longing thanks to the emotional depth and deep R&B vibrations of this musical gem. You will be left astonished and amazed by the emotional universe to which her hypnotic vocals and captivating instrumentals will transport you. You are taken on a journey of love, vulnerability, and longing by this magnificent work of art that perfectly represents the human experience. Don’t pass up the chance to engulf yourself in the delightful cocoon of “I Do.” Go check it out right away and let your heart be carried away to experience the magnificent journey that this music will take you on.

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