In the new period of battle in Europe, “Private Army” is a melancholy lament on the devastating nature of war and humanity’s folly. The song’s stirring lyrics lament the devastating effects of war and consider how humanity must find a better path going forward.

The Vanities is a Cardiff-based electro-rock duo that consists of Adam Hill on bass guitar and Rhys Bradley on vocals and guitar. The band withdrew into a self-imposed exile for a decade after experiencing an explosive period of early success in the 2000s before making a triumphant comeback in 2021 with their critically acclaimed single, “2001.” The band was invited to support New Romantic legend Tony Hadley on his 40th anniversary tour in 2022 after their lead single “London” received special attention and frequent airplay on BBC Radio Wales. 

The Vanities is set to release their first single of 2023, “Private Army,” on March 31. “Private Army” is an epic orchestral affair and a somber lament on the foolishness of humanity in the new era of war in Europe, marking a notable departure from their signature 80s sound.

With the majestic orchestra sweeping in, conjuring a feeling of grandeur and impending melancholy, the track’s opening moments set the tone for what is to come. Adam Hill’s bass guitar provides the right foundation for the soaring strings and epic percussion. The chorus is a highlight, with the vocals delivered with urgency and pain.

They are letting it be known with “Private Army” that they are ready to grab the hearts of music enthusiasts once again with their passionate and thought-provoking songs. Rhys Bradley delivers a beautifully emotive and powerful vocal performance on the epic soft rock ballad. The song is built on a piano accompaniment that progressively rises and becomes grander as other arrangement elements are added, culminating in a gorgeous string section. This is a noticeable shift from their early 80s sound to a more accessible adult contemporary 90s pop sound with a huge orchestral rendition.

“Private Army” is a wonderful song that deserves all the love in the world. There is a leader-like mentality available, as well as soaring tunes to get lost in. Breathless throughout and delivering a message to humanity with full force, this is real soul music. The song is a significant departure from the band’s prior work, but it also demonstrates their diversity and willingness to take risks. The song manages to stay faithful to their distinct style while introducing new components and venturing into unfamiliar terrain. 

“Private Army” demonstrates The Vanities’ ability to create a distinctive and evocative melody once more. The complex orchestration and passionate vocals combine to offer a spine-tingling moment of musical grandeur as the song swells to a stunning conclusion. The song’s outro is equally dramatic, with the orchestration gradually fading away, leaving a sense of loss and despair behind.

The song’s melancholy lyrics, which bemoan the lunacy of war and the destructive nature of humans, contribute to the track’s power. Fans and followers of the band will not want to miss out on this highly anticipated release.

“Private Army” also demonstrates why The Vanities have been successful and why, after a decade of silence, they have returned to that success. a band with brief and passionate lyrics, clear and commanding vocals, and efficient and effective musical selections. The Vanities are a great find, and their upcoming single, “Private Army,” is really stunning.

Ahead of the single’s release, the band has released a new music video for “Private Army,” filmed by Chris Summerill, which combines monochromatic shots of the band performing the song with scenes of devastation and damage caused by war to reflect the song’s powerful themes.

“Private Army” is essential listening for indie rock aficionados and anybody interested in music that speaks to the human condition.

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