Harmonies Resonance: Jeanna-Sis Unifies Sound And Vision With “Frenemy”

German-based rapper Jeanna-Sis stands out in the dynamic world of modern music with her gripping debut track “Frenemy” which skillfully blends raw passion and poetic skill Jeanna-Sis who hails from the charming village of Moers is a talented poet who draws greatly from her personal experiences to imbue each stanza with a genuine quality that…

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Harmonious Escapade: Gabdez Says “No Stress” Redefines Musical Bliss

In the heart of Sicily, amidst the timeless landscapes steeped in history and culture, Gabdez was born with music coursing through his veins. Against the backdrop of his native country’s rich musical history, Gabdez’s extraordinary skill from the start unfolded along his musical journey. After finishing his studies, Gabdez moved to the thriving city of…

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Bring Me The Sky Lyrics By Sunburn

LYRICSI’m not scaredOf growing oldI feel these walls decayInside my bonesStuck in between usAre rivers of goldWaiting on a virtue to sayI’ll guide you homeExit wounds on the ruins of my cocoonLost at seaThe person I thought I’d beMy only sonDeliver me strength on this path that I’ve drawnThen I’ll bleedHeavy on everythingI leave behindSpare…

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