Trevour Amunga

Trevour Amunga Unveils ‘Akira’s Blues’ EP: A Deep Dive Into The Soulful Depth Of Resilience

Introducing Trevour Amunga, a rising artist coming from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, United States. Taking cues from artists like Kendrick Lamar, OutKast, Sade, and Young Thug, Trevour incorporates a distinctive mix of influences to create his own original sound. Ever since starting his musical journey in 2015, Trevour has been carefully honing…

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Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi

Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Unleashes ‘A Troubled Soul’: Echoes Of Resilience In Musical Solace And Inspiration

Gedalya, known as the Folk Rock Rabbi, is an artist who creates music that reflects the emotions and wisdom gained through life experiences. Located in Monsey, New York, he started his artistic journey with writing poetry, which eventually evolved into composing music on the piano and guitar. Starting to learn the piano at age 17,…

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23 Fields

23 Fields Unveils ‘Berlin’: A Musical Realm Filled With Captivating Rhythms, Ethereal Melodies, And Emotional Depths

Within the realm of alternative folk music, 23 Fields stands out as a unique group created by the combined talents of Step Adams, Louise Driver, and Jason M Smith. The start of the band in 2023 symbolized the commencement of a musical adventure blending Step’s vocals with Lou’s eerie violin melodies, complemented by the powerful…

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The Storeys

Harmonious Brilliance: The Storeys Unveils ‘The One Who Makes Me Shine’–A Melodic Tribute To Love And Resilience

Meet The Storeys: a musical duo made up of a husband and wife, hailing from London and now active in the lively music community of Northampton, United Kingdom. Dan and Suzanna, the driving talents of The Storeys, combine a blend of styles, perfected through extensive musical experimentation and teamwork. Their dedication to generating song that…

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Proklaim Embraces His “Scars”: A Hip-Hop Story Of Personal Revolution

I’d like to invite you to explore the amazing world of Windhoek, Namibian musician Proklaim, an exceptional musician. Through his humble beginnings to his current status as a leading solo artist, Proklaim has been characterized by passion, persistence, and an unyielding quest of artistic perfection. Proklaim’s interest for music started early in life, growing up…

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8TCHO Reimagines Reggae: Revolutionary Sounds In “Ring The Alarm (C64 Stab Mix)”

Introducing Thomas, the imaginative mind behind the bright personality who goes as 8TCHO. With a strong desire for creativity and experimentation, 8TCHO, a solo artist set in the energetic German city of Munich, started out with a furious exploration of numerous genres. 8TCHO has refined his skills in front of a variety of audiences thanks…

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