The Official 4PM’s “What Can I Say” depicts the narrative of a guy who learns the cost of cheating on his partner but eventually becomes a changed man seeking forgiveness and reconciliation.

The acapella group “IV Real” was founded in 1991 by Roberto Pena Jr., Larry McFarlandMartiz (Marty) Ware, and Reney (Ray) Pena. The group began participating in talent competitions in and around Baltimore, Maryland. A record label executive noticed the group in 1994 after they performed one of their original songs at a party in New York City. A few weeks later, they were signed to a deal and in the studio working on their debut album under the new moniker “4pm,” which stands for “For Positive Music.”

With their first single, “Sukiyaki,” from their subsequent debut album, “Now’s The Time” (Next Plateau/Polygram Records), 4pm successfully attained the #8 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 in February 1995. The song’s certifications were gold in the US, Canada, and Japan, and platinum in Australia. Following their success, an international tour was organized. Nearly 15 years after their previous release, 4PM dropped their debut single and accompanying music video, “Some Of The Time.”

Trisography Flix & Art Designs
Trisography Flix & Art Designs

On February 17, 2023, The Official 4PM released their second single and video titled “What Can I Say”. “What Can I Say” is a smooth track with reggae influences that tells the story of a man who jeopardizes his relationship by cheating on his partner only to discover that the cost was far too high. After she fires him, he makes every effort to apologize and recommit to her, having learned a valuable lesson. In the end, she forgives him and welcomes him back, but he is a changed man!

Trisography Flix & Art Designs
Trisography Flix & Art Designs

It’s safe to say that after hearing this fantastic hit, “What Can I Say,” The Official 4PM did not let me down. I was immediately drawn in by the song’s positive lyrics and lovely vocal performance. Because of the relatable and moving lyrics, this song is a great addition to anyone’s playlist. The song’s harmonies should be emphasized as well. What can I say to change your mind? is sung by the performer with such fervor and intensity, and the harmonies in the background only serve to amplify the emotional impact of the song.

The production values on “What Can I Say” are impressive. The seamless sonic fusion that is created by the beat and the voices, which are expertly blended, will grab your attention. The song’s tranquility and steadiness allow the listener to fully appreciate its insightful lyrics and stunning vocal performance.

Anyone who hears The Official 4PM’s song “What Can I Say” will undoubtedly be moved by its exquisite love poem. I wholeheartedly recommend this song to anyone who enjoys reggae music, beautiful vocals, and deep lyrics.

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