Under Delusion releases their latest exquisite single which is a captivating dive into musical mastery

“Under Delusion’s latest single, “Burning Under Water,” released on August 25th, 2023, is an electrifying musical journey that blends hauntingly poignant lyrics with mesmerizing synths and guitars, all brought to life by a distinctive and powerful female voice. It’s a track that hooks you from the first note, taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions, and leaves you eagerly anticipating the band’s upcoming second album.”

Synth-rock band Under Delusion is recognized for its distinctive fusion of synths, guitars, and compelling vocals, which are headed by an excellent female voice. They create soundscapes that take listeners to fantastic worlds with a keen sense of storytelling. Under Delusion aims to evoke memories and feelings in listeners through their music that linger long after the song has stopped playing.

In the vast ocean of modern music, there are few artists who can truly transport their listeners to an alternate realm. Under Delusion, a band that has been quietly making waves, has done just that with their latest single, “Burning Under Water,” released on August 25th, 2023. With a modern mix of synths, guitars, and a distinctive female voice, this track is a musical experience that leaves an indelible impression.

Inspiration for “Burning Under Water” struck during a moment of profound vulnerability—a near-death experience at a depth of 30 meters in the Pacific Ocean. This incident became the crucible in which the song’s emotional core was forged, a sentiment that resonates with listeners facing their own challenging times. The lyrics, written in mere minutes, were initially lost amidst a sea of notes for two long years. A stroke of fortune brought them back into the spotlight, compelling the band to share their raw emotion with the world.

“Burning Under Water” begins with an arresting guitar tune that immediately grabs your attention, setting the stage for what’s to come. As the vocals gracefully enter, they seamlessly blend with the pulsating beats, creating a sonic tapestry that’s impossible to resist. The lyrics, “I am Burning under water, help me, help me, I raise my hands up to the sky, please pull me out,” and “I am burning under water, save me, save me, no one can hear me now,” evoke a visceral sense of desperation that resonates with anyone who has felt trapped by life’s challenges.

The song’s rhythm is infectious; you’ll find yourself involuntarily moving your head and tapping your feet. The chorus is irresistibly catchy and easy to sing along to, making you an active participant in the melody. However, it’s at the 1.25-minute mark that “Burning Under Water” takes an unexpected turn. The vocals momentarily fade, allowing the instruments to shine. This interlude adds depth to the song, providing a diverse listening experience that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

The production of “Burning Under Water” is nothing short of excellence. Each instrument is meticulously played, and every note effortlessly blends with the others. The dynamic vocals, characterized by their distinctive female voice, perfectly complement the musical arrangement. The result is a track that demands to be replayed, inviting you to immerse yourself in its layers and nuances time and time again

This single, “Burning Under Water,” serves as the fourth installment from Under Delusion’s highly anticipated second album. Preceded by three earlier releases, which collectively have garnered over one million streams, this upcoming album promises an exceptional musical journey. Fans eagerly await what Under Delusion has in store, knowing that they won’t want to miss this captivating musical voyage.

In conclusion, Under Delusion’s “Burning Under Water” is more than just a song; it’s a transformative experience. It’s a reminder that even in the depths of despair, art can emerge, creating something beautiful and resonant. With its hypnotic melodies, poignant lyrics, and impeccable production, this track is a testament to Under Delusion’s talent and promise. If you haven’t already, dive into the depths of “Burning Under Water” and let its cinematic mood wash over you, leaving you with a lasting and profound musical memory.

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