Sophia Stephens, a remarkable seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter from Carmel, United States, is taking the music world by storm with her debut EP, “Remnantal”, released on June 1st, 2023. Despite her youthful age, Sophia’s music transcends boundaries, offering a profound emotional journey through her captivating storytelling and soulful melodies.

Sophia’s musical odyssey began amidst challenging life experiences that shaped her perspective. She witnessed the heartbreaking loss of a close friend to cancer, the passing of her beloved third-grade teacher due to pancreatic cancer, and her father’s journey through brain surgery for a dural-cutaneous fistula. On top of it all, her mother’s diagnosis of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma added to the complexity of the emotions Sophia carried.

Before discovering her musical talents, Sophia channeled her feelings into the written word, crafting stories of fantasy and compelling arguments for peace and justice. But her artistic journey took a transformative turn when she received her first guitar in the second grade. Her vivid stories evolved into soul-stirring songs, filled with lyrics that seemed to come from a much older soul.

Collaboration is a family affair, as Sophia worked closely with her younger brother, Jackson, a natural piano prodigy with an ear for melodies. Together, they wove captivating chord progressions and harmonious melodies that form the heart and soul of Sophia’s music.

Sophia’s debut EP, “Remnantal,” serves as a testament to her unique style and heartfelt storytelling. This collection of songs beautifully encapsulates her journey, offering listeners a glimpse into her world of emotions and experiences. “Remnantal” isn’t just an EP; it’s a profound artistic expression of a budding talent with an immensely bright future.

Remnantal EP Track List:

Sophia Stephens has already penned not one but three full albums, each brimming with her signature passion and creativity. With plans to bring these albums to life in the coming years, Sophia’s dedication to her craft is undeniable. Even as she envisions pursuing a double major in music and business in college, she remains committed to her musical journey.

Sophia’s father, though not a music industry professional, plays a crucial role in helping her navigate the world of music promotion. His support is rooted in a simple yet powerful desire: to ensure Sophia’s talent is recognized and cherished. Any proceeds from her music will go directly to her, as he selflessly champions her journey.

If you’re a connoisseur of authentic, soul-enriching music and you wish to support a young artist bursting with potential, Sophia Stephens and her EP “Remnantal” deserve your attention. Dive into her music, share her story, and become a part of the journey as Sophia continues to craft music that touches hearts and inspires hope.

Sophia Stephens’ “Remnantal” isn’t just an EP; it’s a portal into the future of a blossoming artist whose story is meant to be told. Stay tuned for her upcoming releases and witness the profound impact of this young talent on the music industry.

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