“Off the Grid” By Abby London

Abby London, a Seattle-based artist, is back to her glittering best as she delivers her vibrant new single “Off the Grid,” which was released on November 4, 2022. She has spent the last few years building and cultivating her direction. “Off the Grid” is a wonderfully rich and enticing listen because it furthers her reputation for that sweet and carefree alt-pop aesthetic. She is continuing to establish herself as one of the more alluring names on the scene right now with this track, which is layered with bright and bouncy textures, a shimmering atmosphere, and her own sweeping voice.

Have you ever grown weary of the following things: being inundated with advertisements, being tethered to your tech devices constantly, paying parking fees, fines, and licenses, feeling reliant on your phone, having the negative news in the media sap your energy, or being concerned that a neighbor might report you for breaking a building code? Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you produced all of your own food, had a reliable source of water, went fishing and hunting, used a composting toilet, and avoided having to haul out a sizable trash bin every week? All of these things have been considered by Abby. She also harbors fantasies of going “Off the Grid“. Her health and happiness have suffered as a result of her excessive connectivity. She feels stressed out and is prevented from speaking her mind because she is afraid of being censored, shadowbanned, or arrested for telling the truth. Her nervous system can become so overstimulated by wifi, wires, and screens at times that she becomes physically ill and is unable to send a text message.

Freedom Reels Productions
Freedom Reels Productions

The chorus of Abby’s most recent song, “Off the Grid,” has the line, “I say that I am going off the grid; this isn’t how or where we are supposed to live.” It was influenced by a recurring dream and the song “Ghetto Cowboy” by Bone Thugs and Harmony. In the Bone Thugs song, a group of people is gathered together and traveling to the west. What a thrilling time that must have been, with opportunities and possibilities aplenty with hard work and dedication, no calendar app, no permits—just land excitement and danger as far as the eye could see. In Abby’s reoccurring dream, it was post-apocalyptic, Abby, her friends, and her family were renegades traveling throughout the country, sleeping wherever they wanted. 

Freedom Reels Productions
Freedom Reels Productions

Off the Grid” is a positive, eccentric, humorous, sweet, and sing-songy song. At the beginning and end of the bridge, a new key is introduced, and Abby whooshes away in a cacophony of sound effects. The song starts off with some incoherent spoken noises before cutting to Abby’s vocals and an arresting bass line. Disconnecting from the devices that have kept us in their cycles is the theme of “Off the Grid.” Abby London sings about escaping the shackles of contemporary hypercapitalist life, including big tech, the media, and the ruling classes’ government, with great reflection and expression.

In “Off the Grid,” which is less than four minutes long, you hear not only a catchy song but also a poignant message. The song is incredibly inventive with its intriguing use of voice calls, synths, and cellphone sounds. Abby London has created a strong indie pop song, “Off the Grid,” that will get you moving and thinking at the same time.

Following “Hysteria” is the single “Off the Grid.” The theme of “Hysteria” is about how the media can manipulate and control people. “Off the Grid” decides that enough is enough and leaves. Think about living off the grid or being a cowboy as you listen to “Off the Grid.” Heck, purchase the song from Abby’s website or iTunes, burn it to a CD, and disconnect from technology for a few hours while you listen while placing your feet on the ground.

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