London-based Jewelia releases her new beautiful acoustic song

Jewelia’s New Single “The Comfort Of Falling” is a song, that addresses the acceptance of maturity while comprehending the choices that have led you to where you are

Jewelia is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in London who explores a different aspect of pop with each release. Her previous singles, “Second Best” and “No Lover,” were pop-rock and disco pop, respectively, but she opts for an acoustic guitar-led ballad this time, which begins with a neutral, almost deadpan delivery before soaring to emotional heights by the end. Fans have embraced her self-produced music, with over 1.2 million views on her YouTube channel and over 20,000 monthly Spotify listeners. She has also appeared on the Tidal RISING: Pop chart as well as the Spotify editorial playlists Chill Pop Hits and New Music Friday Romania. Previous supporters include, to name a few, Dominic King of BBC Radio Kent, Abbie McCarthy of BBC Introducing, and Charlie Ashcroft of Amazing Radio.

Jewelia’s most recent single, “The Comfort of Falling,” which was released on November 25th, 2022, is a song from Jewelia’s upcoming album, “Strong in My Own Way.” It was inspired by the fig tree metaphor in Sylvia Plath’s classic novel “The Bell Jar.” The track’s delicate instrumental and lyrics are extremely thoughtful, exploring themes such as growing up and coming to terms with the choices we must make. Jewelia’s sound continues to be one of the most alluring and affecting in modern pop, and each new release feels as effortlessly captivating as the previous.

Andy Denyer
Andy Denyer

With swaying vocals from the start, Jewlia’s vocals have an immediate impact on listeners. The acoustics improve the track by lifting it where it is required. The song is reflective, touching on the artist’s life choices while asking if she would do anything differently. I love how the track combines the tranquility of acoustics with the clash of minds!

The Comfort of Falling” is an excellent coming-of-age song, addressing the acceptance of maturity and adulthood while also comprehending what has occurred and the choices that have led you to where you are. It has the ability to elicit this feeling of acceptance with such precision and such a distinct and incisive emotion that is difficult to convey musically or sonically. Jewelia’s voice can be heard gradually guiding you down your own path and choices as you find yourself introspecting.

Andy Denyer
Andy Denyer

Jewelia was gifted in many areas as a child, including math and science, so her desire to be a musician surprised many. She enrolled in law school years later but dropped out to pursue music instead. She sometimes wonders what her life would have been like if she had taken these other paths, but we only have one life, and we can’t be and do everything we want. We must make a choice. It’s a terrifying thought to consider how every decision we make has an irreversible impact on our lives.

The Comfort of Falling” is very relaxing but not detached. It will put you at ease with where you are in life, allowing you to accept all of your flaws, mistakes, and seemingly bad decisions because you know things will fall where they may.

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