Phillip Good Releases His Amazing Country pop Single ft Timmy Ray

Cold Truth” by Phillip Good is a new single that promotes honesty in relationships through a groovy and moving acoustic ballad about a failed romance.

Due to the difficulties of growing up without a father figure, Phillip Good turned to music and sports for solace during his difficult childhood. He grew up idolizing musicians like Usher, Morgan Wallen, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson. They served as the inspiration for the eclectic music he composes, creates, and performs. In the Cincinnati, Ohio area, as a teenager, Phillip began writing and producing his R&B and rap music. His influences from childhood and his own life informed his writing and musical style. Then, throughout the early years of his career, he collaborated with numerous gifted musicians and released a number of songs.

In addition to continuing to write and produce music, Phillip Good also had his lovely daughter Elena. His desire to pursue his musical dreams was rekindled by the birth of his daughter. He started to create music with a different sound by fusing country music’s heart with R&B’s soul. His talented daughter Elena, who aspires to be a singer-songwriter, makes her recording debut in his song “Thankful.” In spite of the lack of a father, Phillip is a loving and encouraging father who instills in his daughter the value of following her dreams.

On November 18, 2022, the song “Cold Truth” was released. Phillip Good and Timmy Ray wrote this song, and the women who sang with them are his best friends. They’ve been touring together for a year. They enjoy country, r&b, and hip-hop, which are influences on the band. The energy put into writing and recording “Cold Truth” was insane, and the song has a great vibe and a meaningful message. This song is an exquisite and stirring acoustic ballad about a failed romance. The highlight of the song is the performer’s breathtaking vocal performance, which displays his extraordinary talent and emotional range. The lyrics are moving and relatable, accurately expressing the heartbreak experience.

The addition of a female voice singing back to Philip in response to his lyrics distinguishes “Cold Truth” from other songs. As a result, the song has a distinctive and dynamic quality, and the two vocalists interact with one another to invent a narrative within the song. The song is upbeat and groovy, with a beat that will have listeners bopping their heads along despite the sad subject matter.

The vocals are expertly placed in the beat, and the song has excellent production quality. The track is evidence of Phillip‘s extraordinary skill as a singer-songwriter and his capacity to create an unforgettable and powerful acoustic ballad. “Cold Truth” is about telling someone the harsh reality of life, informing them that you two are compatible and that you want someone else. It brings all genres together. They hope that this song will encourage people to be honest with themselves and others. 

It’s exciting to think about what the future will bring and how Phillip Good‘s music will impact millions of people’s lives in profound ways. He has only been doing music full-time for the past year, but one thing is certain: he is on the road to becoming a global superstar!

We must all accept and speak the harsh reality. You should add this masterpiece to your playlists now!

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