Ayrton Jimenez releases his new pop love single – I’m Sure

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I’m Sure by Ayrton Jimenez is about falling in love and accepting imperfections

Ayrton Jimenez, a young singer-songwriter, offers perspective on a young man’s emotions as he makes his way through the world and encounters love and loss. Ayrton Jimenez, a British-born musician, has developed his own distinctive sound by fusing the heartfelt sincerity of his roots as a singer-songwriter with the vivacious spirit of his Latin heritage. Ayrton, who has an old head on young shoulders, combines virtuoso guitar playing with thoughtful, personal songwriting to produce a singularly alluring sound.

Ayrton Jimenez dominated the Buenos Aires live music scene, packing clubs and bars throughout the city and even supporting major Argentine artists such as Mery Granados. After returning to Bristol, Ayrton released “I‘m Sure” his latest single on December 2nd, 2022, which departs from his previously acoustic sounds to one much larger and more complex, echoing notes of Eric Clapton and signaling an evolution in Ayrton’s genre and style.

I’m Sure” was originally written purely acoustically, but Ayrton Jimenez recently picked it up again and decided to experiment with some electric guitar licks over the top. He began recording when the song began to take on a new sound, he says excitedly about his new direction. 

I’m Sure” is a straightforward song about falling in love and accepting everything that comes with it. It’s a song about accepting that no one is perfect, and about accepting the other person as they are without trying to change anything about them or themselves. It’s about falling in love in its purest form. It’s unusual for a love song to be so open about the singer’s flaws, and it makes Ayrton Jimenez sound incredibly human as he performs it.

I’m Sure” is a deeply personal and soulful addition to Ayrton’s songwriting catalog. The music creates a rich and cozy atmosphere by incorporating a unique fusion of ambient rhythms, blues guitar, and dream-like vocals. The song was written, recorded, and entirely produced in his bedroom, lending authenticity and intimacy. As Ayrton has developed as a producer, this is his first track to incorporate his skills with the electric guitar, drawing inspiration from icons such as Eric ClaptonJimi Hendrix, and Mark Knopfler. Ayrton’s vocals tell a sincere and heartfelt story of accepting one’s flaws while falling in love in an autumn romance on this track.

“I’m Sure” is a soft masterpiece that showcases his talent as both a songwriter and a producer, Go listen Now!!

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