Addy Faith releases her new pop-rock single “Ghost”

“Ghost” by Addy Faith is a song an amazing pop/rock tune that inspires listeners to let go of their past and toxic relationships, showing them that it’s possible to move on and find something better.

Under the performance name Addy Faith, vocalist Addy Beasley performs with Pacific Beats on guitar, drums, and bass. Since she was able to speak, she has been involved with music; she would continuously sing and started creating songs when she was 8 years old. Addy Faith learned to create lyrics by analyzing the music and lyrics of her musical heroes, and by the time she was 17, she felt as though she had honed her ability to express her emotions through metaphors and songs. Machine Gun Kelly and Ian Diorr are two of her primary influences.

The first time Addy Faith attended a concert was when she was 19 and saw Olivia Rodrigo. She had the idea that music might not be for her and that she should give up, but she was inspired to become an artist after watching Olivia Rodrigo perform on stage and having the audience interact with her and know every word. In that instant, she wanted to embody Olivia Rodrigo and give others the same feelings that she had experienced.

It would take years to adequately describe Addy Faith’s music. She thinks that her music can be a voice. It might lend a hand, and she believes that by expressing her feelings via song, someone will feel heard and inspired to produce original work, and her music sometimes sounds like an erratic outburst of vigor, joy, grief, or rage. Every record she releases seems to capture both the best and worst moments of her life, and she hopes that those who listen will sense their presence.

The only complicated part of Addy Faith’s creative process is lying in bed while she listens to rhythms; when she finds one that makes her feel connected to it and to herself, she knows it’s the one. She enters the studio without writing down her lyrics and begins recording. She chooses a subject and essentially explains her feelings on it, and she then creates a drip. Her recent single “Ghost” was released on December 1st, 2021.

Finding the perfect music to go with the words was about all that went into the making of this song, “Ghost.” When she created the song, she was quite angry and moody, so she needed a beat that reflected that mood. She spent less than 30 minutes on the song’s lyrics and an hour and a half on its production. It is her all-time favorite song that she has ever released.

The title “Ghost” was chosen by Addy Faith as a way to let go of the past. It was written for one of the most toxic people she has ever encountered. She can now finally be herself and let go of the old her, who agreed with toxicity and couldn’t defend herself. “You’re a ghost to me,” she says. About eventually ending a bad relationship is the subject of the song “Ghost.” She wrote about her breakup with her former best friend in this instance. Although the vocalist is prepared to move on to something bigger and better, it talks about honoring the memories they once had but are now estranged from the individual. The recording took place in Idaho Falls, and kDub Droopy helped with the promotion, production, mixing, and mastering. 

In addition to sharing some personal information about herself, Addy Faith also discussed her persona outside of the music business. Teens and young adults who enjoy pop rock music and have a fire inside of them can relate to “Ghost“! Some tracks by Billie Eilish and MGK are similar. I sincerely hope that you all adore it as much as Addy Faith and I do.

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